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June 23, 2014


Oscarwatch: Might this Finally be Julianne Moore’s Year?

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Oscar contenders come and go, and before long they’ve reached a point where it seems like nothing they can or will ever do will give them the win. For women it’s worse than it is for men.  Of course, for minorities it’s near impossible.  The endless celebration of the talents of Jennifer Lawrence say everything about how Hollywood views successful actresses now. Bring them up as quickly as possible, earn every…

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The Reinventors Series Continues with The Audience

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Reinvent Hollywood: The Audience — a sneak peak A roundtable discussion hosted by Ted Hope, moderated by Anne Thompson tomorrow, “How will audiences and their involvement with cinema evolve with increased digital access – from crowdfunding to social engagement?” The Reinvent Hollywood series continues on June 24 with The Audience. The 90-minute episode — the third part of a six-part series — will feature great thinkers from the world of cinema…