John Oliver Takes on Net Neutrality

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It’s great to see someone give a damn. Make sure to watch all the way through to the end.


  1. Rob Y 1 year ago

    Best video yet on “Preventing Cable Company Fuckery”

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  2. Nic V 1 year ago

    I’ve been watching John Oliver now for a couple weeks. Love him. He’s not afraid to take anyone on. Even the liar in the White House.

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  3. Kane 1 year ago

    Nic, I haven’t watched his show but when he was hosting Daily Show I gathered he wasn’t picking sides.

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  4. Nic V 1 year ago

    Well he’s very careful about his own comments and what he does is basically paint the picture so to speak and then when it’s all there for you to see he just lets the information lay there while you shake your head going wtf. I mean his latest show about Net Neutrality was quite eye opening considering it shows the President playing golf with the chief lobbyist for the companies spearheading net neutrality and then if I’m not mistaken he also points out that the President then appointed this same chief lobbyist as a controlling voice at the FCC which is going to be the last word on how Net Neutrality plays out. And at the end of the show he puts up on the screen an address for the FCC who supposedly are looking for comments from the public.

    Now never once did Oliver say that the President had any responsibility in screwing over all of us but at the same time he made it look very suspicious. What’s incredibly outrageous about all of this is that I remember distinctly during the President first run for the White House and his take on lobbyists. It’s quite clear the President either had no idea who he was playing golf with and quite chummy with or the President has clearly changed his mind about the part lobbyists should play in the government and how those same people will eventually screw us all.

    For me the election of the President was that opportunity to break with the past and to take a step into the future. But honestly after over six years of this Presidency the man is going to go down in history as the President who didn’t know anything about anything until he saw it on the nightly news.

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  5. Kane 1 year ago

    Nic, the thing I’ve learned about almost anyone in politics from the left, right and everywhere in between is that they have to break their own rules to get things done that they want to get done and they will compromise themselves. I dislike most politicians.

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  6. Robin Write 1 year ago

    Great video! Thoroughly enjoyed that.

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  7. Robin Write 1 year ago
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  8. Kane 1 year ago

    Wow, just watched a few of his episodes. He’s really good! And yeah he definitely jabs both sides of the political spectrum and takes everyone to down on their bullshit. My kind of guy.

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  9. JJ Jones 1 year ago

    John Oliver’s new show is great. He pulls no punches and it is brilliant.

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  10. Nic V 1 year ago

    When I left my comment here I had no idea about Oliver’s stint on the Daily Show. I’d never seen the Daily Show. I know who Jon Stewart is and have enjoyed his take on stuff but never saw that show so I had no idea who John Oliver was. It wasn’t until this morning when I was watching CBS and they had a brief interview with Oliver that I was educated about Oliver’s 8 year stint on The Daily Show. Now I’m sorry I never heard of the man before.

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