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New Birdman Teaser and Poster, Bodes Well for 2014′s Slate

The movies this year are already looking like a brilliant array of creative risks. Birdman!


Dreamworks Broadens Horizons of Animation with Home

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  1. twinzin
    June 12, 2014

    Hil-lar-ious!!! It’s like you said a great creative risk and appears to be very obscure but people need to take chances sometimes. Can’t wait for “Birdman!”

  2. SallyinChicago
    June 12, 2014

    Looks weird!
    Off topic: Ruby Dee died.

  3. June 12, 2014

    This looks completely different from how I’d imagined it would. I hope this will be a wonderful comeback of sorts for Michael Keaton. His mother lived only a few houses up from me until she died a number of years ago, though I was too little to care who Michael Keaton was at that time…

    I didn’t realize there would be such a fantastical element to this film, though. Might we also be looking at a potential contender in Visual Effects/Production Design in addition to the already-speculated categories?

  4. m1
    June 12, 2014

    This looks kind of great. Inarritu has done fine with depressing subject matter in the past but it’s nice to see him change gears. I’m looking forward to it.

  5. Bryce Forestieri
    June 12, 2014

    My God. Michael Keaton looks amazing. He *will be* amazing. Everything looks crazy — and they’ll just have to create a new award for Emmanuel Lubezki.

    As much as I’m hoping this is way beyond AMPAS’ taste, and not at all Oscar-worthy, I’d do backflips if this man is nominated for Best Actor.

  6. James
    June 12, 2014

    What a weird best actor line-up it will be if Keaton and Carell are on it, but I like it. It was nice to see Ejiofor and McConaughey join the club last season and an overdue Dicaprio getting his 4th nom. Sometimes I get tired of the Academy just going for past winners like 2012′s Supporting Line-Up(Waltz deserved, Hoffman deserved, Jones deserved, De Niro eh, Arkin eh).

    Beautifully shot trailer. This was high in anticipation, but now it’s higher. Just hope it finds that right balance of comedy and drama. Inarritu’s films have a tendency to get pretty depressing.

  7. jorge
    June 12, 2014

    we all hope a nomination for emma stone next year,so i suppose it will be for this as best supporting actress??? its about time

  8. JPNS Viewer
    June 12, 2014

    Fri June 13, 2014

    Thanks for embedding.

    Not to be nitpicky — since the trailer also looks somewhat promising to me, as well — but, it is to be hoped, Keaton’s overall performance won’t turn out to be excessively overplayed as if upon live stage rather than the silver screen.
    And I’m also interested to see what Ed Norton has got to offer this time round (it’s good to see him (Norton) back [as in a project like #this].

    Last but not least, hopefully Zach G. won’t make it too hard a sit to me otherwise as usual. . . . . . . .

    OT : Just in case you’re interested and could afford the time, WC soccer match (Brazil vs Croatia) is about to begin — 15 mins or so from now.

  9. joe
    June 12, 2014

    Looks really really good. Can’t wait.

  10. June 12, 2014

    Generally not a great fan of Iñárritu, but the camerawork of Lubezki and the acting made me rather curious already.

  11. murtaza
    June 12, 2014

    love inarritu, depressive or not, his films get under my skin.

  12. June 12, 2014

    Does this have to do with Captain Caveman? I feel like it does. I don’t know my superheroes like I should.

  13. June 12, 2014

    cant wait for this, im gonna love it1

  14. June 13, 2014

    Saw this already. Lubezki ups his game to a whole new level on this one (to put it mildly), Keaton is indeed very good (though Ed Norton is the best thing about it), the drum score is well done and it certainly holds your interest. That said, the film is rather mean-spirited and the “Hollywood types are vacuous, awful people” angle is an extremely easy target and the film doesn’t exactly bring anything new to that table. Plus, it has the PERFECT ending (seriously I was expecting a cut to black), but the film continues on for a good 25 minutes after that. I hate when that happens. Takes me completely out of the experience.

    I recommend it on a craft level without a doubt; its a privilege to see such A-list talent execute so brilliantly together (Lubezki and Inarritu take the unbroken take concept of Cuaron’s films and run with it to an extreme degree), but thematically and structurally the script is flawed. I wish the film didn’t leave such a bitter taste in my mouth.

  15. Jerry Grant
    June 16, 2014

    oooooooooooo I want to see this one

  16. Brian
    July 12, 2014

    This character looks more like The Blue Falcon then Birdman both by Hanna-Barbara Productions. Someone is confusing these 2 characters, I grew up watching both of these shows early Saturday mornings during the late 60′s early 70′s.

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