Shailene Woodley gets down and dirty in White Bird in a Blizzard

Watch a passionate new clip and a Sundance interview with Shailene Woodley after the cut.

(this steamy clip refuses to lie down and be politely embedded so an here’s an offsite link alternative.)


  1. SallyinChicago 1 year ago

    I keep seeing Gabe Sidile in trailers and keep wondering, how is she getting so much work?

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  2. Porter 1 year ago

    Heard great things about Green’s performance on this.

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  3. Bill W. 1 year ago

    Good for Gabby Sidibe

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  4. brian 1 year ago

    Eva Green is a goddess

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  5. Igor Sousa 1 year ago

    Eva Green >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Shailene Woodley

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  6. Natasha 1 year ago

    Green is 33 and Woodley is 22. Yet Woodley can still pull off high-schooler without batting an eyelash while Green has that “seasoned” look in her eyes (practically a defining characteristic for the actress along with that smirk) that makes it fairly easy to buy the idea that Green is Woodley’s mother (or their characters, I should say). And then Gabby Sidibe–great to see her. Thomas Jane too often shows up as an unsung hero performance wise. This is all VERY INTRIGUING…..I hope the whole thing is as good as this promising tease.

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  7. SallyinChicago 1 year ago

    Since you all are praising Gabby can you tell me why? Whenever I think of her, all I see is Precious.

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  8. Joey Nolfi 1 year ago

    @SallyinChicago I don’t like making assumptions, but you might have some issues if all you see when you look at her is Precious. She’s a person, not a character, and I certainly hope you’re not fixating on her physicality and skin color as a means to define her and that character, because both are so much more than that.

    Also, why are you questioning the amount of work she’s getting? She’s a talented actress with charisma and a personality, and I’m sure that gets her far. I certainly hope you’re not fixating again on her body type and skin color as a means to automatically assume that she wouldn’t get work? She’s also an Oscar-nominated actress. Do you often ask yourself why Jennifer Lawrence got so much work after Winter’s Bone? Do you ask yourself why Jessica Chastain got so much work after The Help?

    I’m not sure if this speaks to you being narrow minded or if you’re genuinely surprised by the industry’s acceptance of her. Sure, the industry favors stories about white men, but Gabourey is proof that there can be a place (and a role) for people who don’t “fit in” with the cookie-cutter standard.

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  9. Chris 1 year ago

    Love me some Gabby Sidibe! Can’t wait!

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  10. Paddy Mulholland 1 year ago

    ‘I’m not sure if this speaks to you being narrow minded’

    It’s Sally so I am sure.

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  11. Jesse Crall 1 year ago

    2 thoughts:

    1. Why in the hell is Eva Green playing Shailene Woodley’s MOTHER?

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  12. Joey Nolfi 1 year ago

    Hi Paddy,

    I’ve been reading AwardsDaily for years but I’ve only recently started commenting…I’m assuming Sally is notorious for saying these sorts of things, then? My fault for engaging…

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  13. Paddy Mulholland 1 year ago

    Never be sorry for engaging, Joey! Though people who engage with me when I’m in the wrong mood on here generally are…

    Meh Sally is Sally. We don’t hear a lot from Sally. And I’m definitely not sorry about that.

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