Day: July 5, 2014


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Tying up the four released evidence photos, Hitfix gets the last one. Take a look. The significance of today’s date, if you’ve read the book, is that July 5th is that it’s Amy’s birthday and also Amy and Nick’s wedding ...

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There is no plan to involve the U.S. military in what is happening in Ukraine, even if Russia takes more territory. Ukraine borders Russia, and Ukraine does not belong to NATO, where an attack on one member is deemed to ...

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Indiewire has just posted the 3rd evidence photo. Check it out after the jump. Here we see in evidence red lacy thong panties. Hmmmmm! Previously: AwardsDaily’s Exclusive photo of Gone Girl evidence!

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As David Fincher’s new film Gone Girl readies for release, the director is planting a few key bits of evidence on the internet on the key date of July 5th. Readers of the book might remember why that date is ...

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The 4th of July is America’s annual half-time show. Gaudy, overproduced, and vulgar, sure — but mixed with legitimate dignity, grand aspirations, and honorable impulses nonetheless. We put the past 6 messy months behind us, pack up whatever’s salvageable to ...

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