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  1. Al Robinson

    Okay, I have a few thoughts. First, when I think of Richard Linklater, I think of Dazed and Confused (1993) and Before Sunrise. Those films (to me) are perfect. I’m not saying their classics in the “masterpiece” sense of the word, but just, their perfect in that there is nothing I would change about them, and so on. Second, I’m still not convinced yet that Boyhood is going to be a contender for the Best Picture Oscar, but I KNOW it will be one of the best, most memorable, and longest lasting movies released this year.

  2. Ailidh

    If Boyhood isn’t nominated for Best Picture and Linklater for Best Director, the Academy Awards will lose whatever credibility they have left – I don’t care what other great pictures may come out this year.

    This one’s a masterpiece.

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