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Miles Teller and J.K. Simmons in Whiplash clip

Todd McCarthy, THR:

“Anyone who’s ever had a high school or college teacher make it a point to manipulate or mess with students’ lives will no doubt have relatable, and possibly painful, memories revived by this vivid portrait of a music school at which the program, run by its star instructor, closely resembles the boot camp presided over by R. Lee Ermey in Full Metal Jacket…

Teller, who greatly impressed in last year’s Sundance entry The Spectacular Now, does so again in a performance that is more often simmering than volatile. However, one misses any scene in which Andrew and the other guys might sit around talking about their tormenting teacher, sharing their misery and speculating as to what the hell made him act like this.

For his part, Simmons has the great good fortune for a character actor to have here found a co-lead part he can really run with, which is what he excitingly does with a man who is profane, way out of bounds and, like many a good villain, utterly compelling.”

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  1. Lot of positive buzz for this one coming off Sundance, including the Grand Jury and Audience prizes. Thought Miles was really quite good in The Spectacular Now, as well, so this is on my anticipated list.

  2. This scene makes me cringe every time I see it. Definitely looking forward to this film.

  3. Teller is my favorite young actor right now, I think he is going to be a big star and a very respected actor in the future. As for J.K. Simmons, he is one of the greatest character actors and deserve more recognition….

  4. Be cool to see a great character actor like J.K. Simmons be nominated.

  5. This movie was incredible. It is by far the best movie I have seen in 2014. Simmons is prime for a nomination and Teller continues to impress in his young career. This clip sets the tone for the entire film. Just amazing.

  6. That shit wouldn’t fly. I hope there’s a reason the movie doesn’t end 5 minutes later with the cops showing up.

  7. @Road2Oscars

    Maybe it’s like “Hell’s Kitchen”. They want to be yelled at…. yeah, probably not, but maybe…..

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