Picture of the Day: Fincher and Affleck and Awesome Tracking Shot to Come



The Film Society of Lincoln Center has just announced Gone Girl will open the fest. Today they posted great picture of Fincher directing Ben Affleck with a long track in place for what promises to be a rad tracking shot. We just have to wait to Rocktober to see it.


  1. steve50 1 year ago

    Fincher Fans Alert: Caught this on Twitter today. A look back at DF directing his first film, Aliens 3. Jeez he looked young and innocent then.

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  2. Charlie 1 year ago

    @Steve50: very interesting article, thanks !

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  3. murtaza 1 year ago

    This photo came out at least a month ago or maybe more.

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  4. SallyinChicago 1 year ago

    Am I the only one who thinks Ben Afleck is a lousy actor? That he’s overrated?

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  5. Robin Write 1 year ago


    “Am I the only one who thinks Ben Affleck is a lousy actor? That he’s overrated?”

    In movies like Bounce, Reindeer Games, Pearl Harbor, Jersey Girl {and a few others} – yes!

    But he impressed in the likes of Good Will Hunting, Hollywoodland, The Town and Argo. Not to mention a couple of great cameos in Shakespeare in Love and Boiler Room.

    When James Coburn won his Oscar for Affliction he said some {movies} he does for love and some he does for money {and that Affliction was for love}. And I think Affleck has the same outlook – if he cares, he is generally good.

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  6. Robin Write 1 year ago

    I just now realized I missed an great opportunity with “Afflection” there. Darn it!

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  7. Kane 1 year ago

    I swear it looks like the camera is hovering next to the guy sweeping the sand

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  8. Bryce Forestieri 1 year ago
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  9. Joao Mattos 1 year ago

    Allow some advertising? I posted this photo a few weeks ago on my tumblr: http://moviedirectorscamerasviewfinders.tumblr.com/

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  10. Joao Mattos 1 year ago

    And on the last International Women’s Day I posted two albums of photos of Mrs. Ida Lupino.

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  11. Jesus Alonso 1 year ago

    I want to throw this idea in, right here, right now… have you people noticed how much love and what a big year Neal Patrick Harris has? And this film is one of the Oscar favorites, for a number of reasons… I have him noted down as sure-shot nominee, probable winner in Supporting Actor.

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  12. Kane 1 year ago

    I haven’t read the book but based on the trailer Harris’ role doesn’t seem that huge. I think Pike is going to get most of the acting praises. Plus, Tyler Perry’s role seems bigger.

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  13. Jesus Alonso 1 year ago

    To that, I just have to mention: Alan Alda, The Aviator. That one hits all the NPH’s notes (beloved and underrated in film TV star, in a role no one expected to be the one that would grant an Oscar nom). Sometimes it’s all about who you are and how you are liked by your fellow actors.

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