Wondrous new trailer for Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar

When a wormhole (which theoretically can connect widely-separated regions of spacetime) is discovered, explorers and scientists unite to embark on a voyage through it, transcending the limits of human space travel. Among the travelers is a widowed engineer (Matthew McConaughey) who has to decide to leave behind his two children to join the voyage to another galaxy with the goal of saving humanity.

Contender Tracker

Contender Tracker


Best Picture

Brooklyn (Nov. 4)

Best Actor

Best Actress

Juliette Binoche, Clouds of Sils Maria

Saoirse Ronan, Brooklyn

Supporting Actor

Supporting Actress

Kristen Stewart, Clouds of Sils Maria


Original Screenplay

Adapted Screenplay

Nick Hornby, Brooklyn



Production Design

Sound Mixing

Sound Editing

Costume Design

Original Score

Foreign Language Feature

Documentary Feature

Animated Feature

Visual Effects



Live Action Short

Animated Short

Documentary Short


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