Lauren Bacall’s Honorary Oscar

bacall oscar

Lauren Bacall with her honorary Oscar following The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences 2009 Governors Awards. Acceptance speech after the cut.

Excellent profile piece published by Vanity Fair in 2011:

To Have and Have Not
She’s one of the last of Hollywood’s golden-age stars—the girl who stole Humphrey Bogart’s heart at age 19 and has been grappling with their dual legend ever since. Now 86, Lauren Bacall looks back on a lucky, if often difficult, life as she gives it straight to Matt Tyrnauer, talking about the effect of Bogie’s fame on her and their kids; her very brief engagement to Frank Sinatra; her stormy second union, to Jason Robards; and why she hates the Oscar she received, in 2009.




  1. Joao Mattoss 1 year ago

    Can’t watch the video from here.

    If my memory is not betraying in her speech for the Golden Globe for “Prince of Tides” she said “Boogie must be proud of me”, which is touching beyond words.

    Perfect night to see again “The Big Sleep”. And if I have a copy of it, “The Fan”, in which she gave a terrific and underrated perfomance.

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  2. Ryan Adams 1 year ago

    Joao, can you watch the video from a youtube platform directly?

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  3. Joao Mattos 1 year ago

    Ryan, no. Same warning appears, both cases in portuguese, “Este vídeo foi removido pelo usuário”, “This vídeo was removed by the user”.

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  4. Ryan Adams 1 year ago

    Joao, I replaced that clip with a better source. Hope this one plays for you.

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  5. Al Robinson 1 year ago

    Since To Have and Have Not entered American theaters on October 11, 1944, I would imagine most of the audience was women, since World War II was still raging overseas. I’m guessing most men didn’t discover her until her more likely her 3rd film: The Big Sleep (1946).

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  6. Joao Mattoss 1 year ago

    Now it’s perfect, Ryan. Thanks!!!!

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  7. Adam Lewis 1 year ago

    Just realised that if Lauren Bacall had won her Oscar she would have presented Best Supporting Actor the following year to Robin Williams.

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  8. Paddy Mulholland 1 year ago

    A screen icon for 70 years. There weren’t any others like her any more. In fact, were there ever any quite like her?

    As she famously said of Nicole Kidman (and was not-so-faously misquoted): “She’s not a legend yet’. And Lauren would know.

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  9. Koleś 1 year ago

    Don’t you just hate the fact that the AMPAS decided to kick out the honorary award recepients out of the main broadcast.

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  10. sean Wu 1 year ago

    Clint Eastwood’s American Sniper getting oscar-qualifying release!

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