New creepy poster for Foxcatcher

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Entertainment Weekly shared a new creepy poster for the upcoming film, Foxcatcher. The film stars Steve Carell, Channing Tatum and Mark Ruffallo. The new poster features Carell, who plays the deranged murderer John Du Pont. He’s tipped to earn a Best Actor nomination for the role.

Foxcatcher opens on November 14

foxcatcher 2


  1. Al Robinson 1 year ago

    What a terrific picture! Steve Carell (I’m predicting) will be nominated for Best Lead Actor. He looks so creepy in every picture I’ve seen. Foxcatcher is amongs my 5 for most excited to see this fall:

    Gone Girl

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  2. Ryan Adams 1 year ago

    The genius of the layout of these Foxcatcher posters is even more apparent when we look at the pair side by side, to see the psychological cues implanted in the backgrounds.

    Even the lighting. Channing Tatum gets lit in warm golden hues. Steve Carell gets the cold grey light.

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  3. The Singing Hotdog 1 year ago

    I have been hearing the buzz about this movie since last year, and never really knew exactly what it was about. I knew it involved wrestling but never looked any further. Just discovering that this is about Du Pont, and the murder of Dave Schultz. This really hits home already as I am from Oklahoma and saw both Dave and Mark wrestle many times and went to their wrestling camps. I had no idea…..too crazy.

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