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New Oscar Podcast Posted

We finally got around to it – head on over here to listen to Parts One and Two with Craig Kennedy and Ryan Adams. We talk Boyhood and The Congress on Part One and then the year 2009 on Part Two.

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  1. I have now listened to both podcasts. They are great as always. I am really excited to see how you guys treat the early years of the Oscars, when movies like Wings, Sunrise, etc. were winning Best Picture. I’ll say this much, it’ll be really fun listening when I haven’t seen the movie, because it’ll be like attending a free class, taught by people I know and trust. But remember, no pressure. :-)

    And if I have a question, I’ll still raise my hand and wait patiently until called upon to speak. :-)

  2. The next podcast is The King’s Speech vs. The Social Network. That should be fun.

  3. You keep talking like that Al you’ll be doing Saturday detention.

    I am looking forward to listening to this {aren’t I always?}, but my two year old has kept me very very busy today. I’ve barely written or read anything. And as she has not yet The Hurt Locker or Precious I did not think it was fair for her to have to sit through the podcast.

  4. “You keep talking like that Al you’ll be doing Saturday detention.”

    Oh goodie! I get to stay after school. :-) Ha ha!!
    If only class had been that interesting. I might have done better in school.

  5. Did u guys hear American Sniper is getting a limited Christmas release date? Could shake things up.

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