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New Trailer for Brad Pitt in David Ayer’s Fury

Fury will be closing the BFI London Film Fest, as well as having its release date pushed back to October 17 from November. There are some rumblings it might be the surprise screener at Telluride.

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  1. My most anticipated film of 2014. This one looks epic.

  2. Looks like a cheesy over the top version of the Israeli masterpiece: “Lebanon.”

  3. I won’t be able to watch Brad Pitt saying “Killing Germans/Nazis” and not thinking about Aldo Reine

  4. Franchise slum Hollywood pitching STILL MORE
    GQ World War II? —-as it ‘mysteriously overlooks’
    the 60th Annviersary of the awesomely relevant
    ———————–KOREAN WAR?————————



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