Trailer for Jon Stewart’s Rosewater


Jon Stewart directed Rosewater, which will be screening here at Telluride. Have a look at the trailer.


  1. Leni 12 months ago

    I’m excited to see this. I love Gael and I have serious hopes for Stewart as a director!

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  2. alexww 12 months ago

    OT: FYI You swapped Emma Stone and Edward Norton into the wrong supporting categories!

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  3. Chance 12 months ago

    Gael…shirtless…I don’t quite remember anything else about this.

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  4. Bryce Forestieri 12 months ago

    Looks like one of those charity commercials heavy on the “subliminals” with a bit of an early-2000’s HBO edge.

    Another compelling source material stripped of its vitality (e.g., Unbroken)?

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  5. Sam 12 months ago

    As an Iranian, I have mixed feeling about this trailer. The trailer doesn’t show that much to say if it’s good or bad (which is a good thing). The Tehran that they’re showing is quite good and realistic and I think they over-emotionalized some specific scenes based on the script that I read 2 months ago. (It’s available online) but I think it could be a very good film

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