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Trailer: Viggo Mortensen in Far From Men

The pic will screen in Venice and Toronto.

From The Playlist:

Mortensen’s latest is “Far from Men,” an adaption from a short story by Albert Camus (“L’Hôte” from the book “L’Exil et le Royaume”). In this gritty tale of survival, Mortensen plays a reclusive teacher who helps a villager accused of murder (Reda Kateb from “Zero Dark Thirty” and “A Prophet”) escape into the mountains during the Algerian War. As we’ve already noted, this is also one to watch because the score was composed by the great Nick Cave and Warren Ellis (“The Assassination of Jesse James,” and “The Road” are just a few examples).




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  1. Always admire Viggo!

  2. There is nothing Viggo does that I wouldn’t watch.

  3. I admire the choices that Viggo makes (and always has made). He could probably have any rom-com or sci-fi lead that’s out there, but instead he chooses a two-man piece adapted from Camus directed by a relative newcomer.

  4. Viggo is simply one of the best and most committed actors working. Philip Seymour-Hoffman called him a master. And Reda Kateb was a great find in ZDT.

  5. Richard Attenborough dead at age 90

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