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  1. Helen
    November 14, 2014

    Marion Cotillard deserves the Oscar nom for her wonderful performance in Two Days, One Night. She is really amazing in it and Media must support her and her magnificent act, please more visibility to her and her perform.

  2. Elie
    November 15, 2014

    I wish they had less people on this panel. Too many panelists with too much great content to share but not enough time for any of them.

  3. Bryce Forestieri
    November 16, 2014

    Is it possible that J.C. Chandor is more incoherent than Zack Snyder. Doofus.

  4. Stergios
    November 16, 2014

    Great group of artists and an extremely interesting conversation. Well done, Scott! For me, Marion Cotillard is the one who is so immensely talented and gave such an awe-inspiring performance in both “Two Days, One Night” and “The Immigrant” (and I’m so glad you acknowledged her work there and the film itself, which is really brilliant) that it’s disheartening even to think of the possibility of her being snubbed again. Marion Cotillard’s performance as Sandra in the latest Dardennes Brothers masterpiece is the kind of performance that needs to be seen to be truly believed. There’s no way to overhype her work there, trust me. The whole theatre was in tears throughout the screening I saw for “Two Days, One Night”. You rarely get to watch such a towering performance from an actor / actress in your entire life. With her unmatched work in this film, you feel like she’s pushing acting to a whole another level. She inhabits her character so completely it ends up almost terrifying. It’s such a monumental achievement, such a towering combination of unlimited emotional depth and jaw-dropping technical skills, such a groundbreaking piece of brave and soul-shredding acting that it has to be put among the ten best performances ever put on screen. It’s a performance THAT astonishing. It’s a marvel to watch and the greatest female performance of the decade since, well, Cotillard’s tour de force in “La vie en rose” (which earned her a more than deserved Oscar for Best Actress In A Leading Role). The buzz she should take within the next few months should be endless. I think that after the criminal snubs for “Rust and bone”, “Nine” and “Inception” (among the endless list of others), there will be an uproar if she won’t be even nominated. She deserves to score her second win.

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