Annual Golden Globes Haiku and Contest

AD makes haikus
Clever words strung together.
Let’s see what you do.

A Haiku is defined by three lines. The first line has five syllables. The second line has seven syllables and the third line has five syllables. Ideally, these represent three separate thoughts that tie in together.

The winner of this contest editor of AwardsDaily, will be winning a copy of five of the Golden Globe nominated films. These can be any of the movies in the race – foreign film, Best Actress, Picture, Animated…you get the idea. You may enter as many Haiku as you like.

Flailing on quaaludes
DiCaprio Tour de Force
The Wolf of Wall Street

Llewyn Davis tried
But Bob Dylan succeeded
Folk singer with cat.

Martin Scorsese
Knew too much about quaaludes
Rores were better.

Life in space is tough
Gravity being absent
I thought George was dead.

Oprah worked so hard
Sadly, Forest did so too.
But neither will win.

163 Comment

  1. Mitch Has Masaka,
    Llewyn Davis Has The Cat,
    Where Is HIs Scrotum?

  2. 12 Years as The Wolf
    Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs
    Llewyn has the cat

    Damn!! That whole 5-7-5 thing is freaking hard!!

  3. Sorry Zach, I swear I wasn’t trying to copy you with Llewyn / Cat.

  4. Here’s to you, Jordan
    ‘Cause you ain’t going nowhere
    Cast your fate to wind

    One last trip through town
    Hawthorne looks after its own
    So long, Woody Grant

  5. Al, it was almost “Llewyn Davis is the cat,” but the next line would have been weird after

  6. Zach,

    LOL :-)

  7. A Globe voter said
    If 12 Years went home empty
    They’d be called racist

    Myself, I’m not sure
    It’s much more likely that they
    Would be called tasteless.

    It’s not often said
    The most competitive globes
    Are in comedy

    Dern, DiCaprio
    Not a single gimme nod
    Bale, Isaac, Phoenix

    TV will be strange
    Will they finally Break Bad?
    Or order Netflix?

    And for that matter
    How’d Spader get in over
    Hamm, Dancy, Steve B.?

  8. Chris Bale had bad hair
    Bradley Cooper was the Con
    What the what was that

  9. All my time in space
    Will I float away for good
    I made it back home


    Redford on a boat
    No dialogue? No problem
    Globes should recognize

    Matthew got skinny
    First film he kept his top on
    No meat on them bones

    Chiwetel dug deep
    Showed us the years on his face
    12 to be exact

    Tom Hanks on a boat
    Much more talking on this one
    Final scenes floored me

    Elba I’m sorry
    I missed your Mandela film
    Pacific Rim rocked

    Bale’s hairpiece was nuts
    But the acting was top notch
    No way he’s healthy

    Finally Dern leads
    After years of side man work
    Spotlight suits him well

    Leo does best work
    Will probably still get snubbed
    Oh what a cruel world

    Oscar, meet Oscar
    I think you’d like him a lot
    Please don’t skip his film

    The Master and Her
    Two stunning performances
    Phoenix is so good

  11. The Wolf of Wall Street
    Jordan Belfort Loves Quaaludes
    Rat out your partners

  12. A man who can sing
    You jump of the Brooklyn Bridge
    He will never win

  13. Off, not of. Sorry for my typo fingers. D’oh! >.<

  14. Hello Samantha
    I love you O. S.
    Let’s please have some sex

  15. Her reminds us that
    we are all trapped on this side
    of the looking glass.

  16. Whoops, that was 5-5-5

    How about this:

    Hello Samantha
    I love you O. S. today
    Let’s please have some sex.

    There 5-7-5

  17. A newcomer from Yale
    Ebony is purity
    In mcqueen’s 12 years

    Glamour and style
    Will Oscar do the hustle?
    Or live and let die

    He’ll huff and he’ll puff
    He’ll blow the cineplex down
    The wolf is Marty

    Hours in a box
    Tethered to Cuaron’s brilliance

    If Siri evolved
    I’d want her to become “Her”
    I do mean ScarJo

  18. Oscar Isaac should
    be golden, but he won’t win.
    How Llewyn of him.

  19. Gravity in space
    Bullock screams like orgasm
    Bullock Kills George Clooney

  20. Blue Jasmine is Dark
    Woody Allen is the Best
    Alcohol and Pills

  21. 12 Years lingers and
    stings you like salt in a wound,
    like strange, bitter fruit.

  22. Famous Masaka,
    Tabouli Salad and song,
    Night at the Gorfeins.

  23. Jennifer Lawrence
    American Hustle Sucks
    One Big Actors Orgy

  24. Love debauchery
    You spent twenty six on sides
    Do they cure cancer

  25. Hang me O’ hang me
    Dylan became a legend
    Poor Llewyn got punched

    It sure was no stunt
    His Alien was human
    Spring break foreva

  26. Old Dench Gives Good Head,
    No Amount of Slurp Will Help,
    She Will Only Clap.

  27. It’s in black and white
    Woody Grant’s a millionaire
    She was such a slut

  28. I am super proud of the one I just did about Judi Dench giving blow jobs

  29. Zach,

    “Old Dench Gives Good Head,
    No Amount of Slurp Will Help,
    She Will Only Clap.”

    Do I even want to know? :-)

  30. Gravity made me
    grateful not to be Sandy:
    flying, floating, free.

  31. Nevermind. :-) Good one! :-)

  32. Hustle disappoints,
    Russell disappoints, but still
    J-Law’s electric.

  33. Pirates took the ship
    Captain Phillips was rescued
    He is now okay

  34. I’m Da Captain Now,
    Errything gon be OK,
    Maybe in ‘Murrca.

  35. Theodore Twombly
    in his candy-colored world
    speaks truth to fiction.

  36. Jasmine or Jeannette?
    Only one name fits the globe…
    That name is Blanchett!

  37. 12 will win drama
    A. H. will win comedy
    Bad for Gravity

  38. Our Man in a boat
    All alone out there to die
    See what happens next

  39. Meryl Ate the Set.
    No interest in this film.
    It Looks Atrocious.

  40. Frozen: let it go
    on with its un-Disney spin
    on what true love means.

  41. This one’s for Rush

    I like to drive fast
    I can beat you any day
    zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom

  42. A Life of Pi sequel?

    Nah, Just Redford lost at sea.

    Must Refund Tiger Deposit.

  43. Globes on N B C
    Amy Pohler Tina Fey
    Please don’t drink too much

  44. oh no, there are three syllables in deposit. Should read:

    A Life of Pi sequel?

    Nah, Just Redford lost at sea.

    Must Return Tiger.

  45. I know this one has nothing to do with this year, but still…. couldn’t help it

    Argo fuck yourself
    It was just a Golden Globe
    He will win next time

    (at the Oscars that is)

  46. and there are two syllables in sequel… So i guess its:

    A Life of Pi 2?

    Nah, Just Redford lost at sea.

    Must Return Tiger.

  47. B Abdi’s the man
    Better than driving taxi
    He should win the globe

  48. ‘Merican Hustle
    Russell’s thirst for happy end
    Guts promising film

  49. (not an entry, just getting it off my chest)

  50. Zach,

    Now it’s a Haiku.
    But please no Life of Pi 2
    One was good enough.

    Man, now I’m doing Haiku’s as comments to other commenters. Sheesh!!!

  51. Screenplay should be: Her
    Spike Jonze wrote some crazy shit
    Maybe it will win.

  52. HFPA Who?
    The Movie Is All That Counts
    Art Over Awards

    Tina and Amy
    Will Really Make Us Laugh Lots
    Show Still Goes For Hours

    Everyone Is Drunk
    Unpredictable Awards
    Who Actually Cares

    Please Let All Is Lost
    The Best Movie Of The Year
    Win Something Amen

  53. Don’t care about honors
    Just in the game to make
    bucks bucks bucks bucks bucks

    But hopefully Bale
    loses because he really
    sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks

    Where are the qualudes?
    I’m not gonna lose sober
    Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

  54. La Grande Bellezza
    I want to party like that
    When I’m 65.

  55. Exarchopolous.
    Why so hard to pronounce it?
    Beats Quvenzhané

  56. Golden are the Globes
    Blue is the warmest colour
    Armond White’s an ass.

  57. Llewyn, Wolf and Slave
    They don’t judge or hold your hand
    They illuminate

  58. What a bunch of horseshit.

  59. Sad stories that laugh
    Are they comedy or not?
    Put them where they’ll win!

  60. “Hello Theodore.”
    Loneliness sits in his core;
    Truth sits within mine.

  61. #1

    A damsel once said,
    “Bob Fucking Redford” to lose
    Truth or travesty . . . ?

    (Note: I was referring to a soon-to-be-semi-legendary remark made by the one and only Sasha Stone; and I quote, “I just don’t see how you invite Robert Fucking Redford to your party and not give him the prize. . . . .”. Therefore, I’ve amicably put my own Haiku as shown above with such a small wonder myself save almost any satirical notion; au contraire, it be but more on my part of the mixed feeling of pathos of life, in that, soon, such conception will reach the beauty en lumiere as to whether or not Mr. Redford shall prevail come the Golden Globe.) (For record: I’m with Sasha.)

    (I like this Haiku segment. So, I think I’m going to, er, come again . . . . later. After refilling my mojo, I mean.)

  62. Sexy underpants
    Sandra hyperventilates
    I guess hope does float

    Brad Pitt freed the slaves
    as an Amish surfer dude
    Whitey saves the day

    He says “You’re free now”
    is saved from a ham sandwich
    Makes sure things are thrown

  63. In space, screams are lost.
    Survival has no limit;
    Your oxygen does.

  64. #2

    Ryan Stone in Space
    Versus my love, Blue Jasmine
    The world will collide.

  65. (@AD

    I’ve written in my two separate Haiku entries so far. And they kept awaiting moderation while others seem to be able to enjoy the privilege of immediacy . . . . Speechless.)

  66. Will Woody show up?
    Clarinet comes first, I guess.
    Keaton saves the day.

  67. Entry no. 3:

    Just saw my Haiku [both of them, just now]
    Merci bien but for the pass
    Mine [my] heart grateful be . . . . xD

  68. 12 Years is long time
    Gravity is forever
    Howard, what’s your Rush?

  69. HFPA lol

  70. All is not lost Bob
    You will not win the Globe but
    Drifts at sea beat space

  71. JPNS Viewer. I have no idea why the spam filter decided your haiku were suspicious overnight. Maybe it thought you had an unfair cultural advantage.

  72. (Slight adjustment….)

    12 Years is too long
    Gravity is forever
    Howard, what’s your Rush?

  73. Thunderboy In Alley,
    Opens Mouth For A Living,
    Fare Thee Well, Oh Honey.

  74. Whoops, Honey has two syllables, rectified:

    Thunderboy In Alley,
    Opens Mouth For A Living,
    Fare Thee Well, Honey.

  75. Walt Disney was flawed.
    Meryl Streep gave a great speech.
    Don’t forget Emma.

  76. Nice username, there.
    Stud muffin was taken, yo!
    Choke me with dead cat.

  77. Last year George did it
    Now Brad will try with a film
    Don’t act, write a check
    Can Gravity beat 12 Years?
    Can Adams break that top five?
    Can June smash Katniss?
    Wolf can still win Pic
    Russell and Hustle may spoil
    But Jasmine will win
    Why are we trying?
    When we all know the best is
    Her by Sir Spike Jonze

  78. Marty and Leo
    After five films together
    Was all this legal?

  79. Cocaine and spinach:
    Parallel editing rules!
    Leo on quaaludes.

  80. Barb is very hard
    Violet is much harder
    Leave and don’t look back

  81. I sell penny stocks
    I will show you how it’s done
    That’s why I’m the Wolf

  82. Philomena Lee
    Had to give up her just born
    But she will find him

  83. Disney made movies
    That’s why he the best

  84. he’s, not he

  85. Also made big bucks
    Was expialodosious
    That was one big word!

  86. All is lost in space
    but her smooth voice in my brain
    land me to L.A.

  87. 12 Years was to win
    In the envelope it says
    It says: Gravity

  88. Twelve years was a slave
    now I’m free to go away
    before Labor Day

  89. C Bale gained the weight
    Comb-overs and hair curlers
    That’s why it will win

  90. Messed up on one :(

    Newcomer from Yale
    Ebony is purity
    In mcqueen’s 12 years

  91. Meet his little friend
    From Mr. Chips to Scarface
    Mr. White is gold

  92. Yo bitch chemistry!
    Heisenberg was the danger
    Walter felt alive

  93. Redford found the trick:
    Avoids being called wooden
    By starring with boat

    Gravity was tense
    Until Clooney reappeared
    Deus ex blech-ina

    F. Murray was right:
    Llewyn as a solo act
    Wasn’t in the cards

  94. Jennifer Lawrence
    Overrated performance
    Love blinds the critics

  95. The Wolf and Hustle
    Is the American Dream
    America checked

    12 years, The Butler
    Race again the story
    Civil endless war

  96. Being a free man
    forced to work 12 years a slave
    makes Solomon humble

  97. Old man and the sea
    He did a lot without talk
    Redford for the win?

    The sun might have set
    On a trilogy of love
    But I’ll re-watch it

  98. The excess in Wolf
    Staggers the minds of many
    Not one percenters

  99. Film quote of the year:
    “Where is his scrotum, Llewyn?!?”
    You just can’t top that.

  100. Wide berth not enough
    Daring pirates raid with ladder
    Captive captain lives

  101. Oops, I usually hold fast to 5-7-5 although most haiku these days do not hold to those rules.

    Wide berth not enough
    Daring pirates ladder raid
    Captive captain lives

  102. Hustle leads the way
    Storyless and misguided
    Marty hangs his head

    Wolf surely lives on
    The awards are just garnish
    Russell can have them

  103. At the precipice
    “Woof, woof” over radio
    Sand beneath her feet

  104. Idina was great
    Cate showed once again she rocks
    I am in deep love

    A frozen heart thawed
    A rich woman popping pills
    Best performances

    Elsa let it go
    Jasmine lost all in New York
    These women must win

  105. Loss. Like empty space.
    Pulls me down like gravity.
    I drive. I just drive.

  106. Bitter homecoming
    The world ends with a whimper.
    August Osage County.

  107. Oooops meant:
    Bitter homecoming
    The world ends with a whimper.
    Aug. Osage County.

  108. Everyone hustles.
    Unfortunate hair and clothes,
    Can’t stop Christian Bale.

  109. Scorsese frat fest
    Masterpiece? I don’t think so
    Forgettable mess

  110. A real family
    Old-fashioned or otherwise
    Cannot win them all

  111. Eerie lady land
    Pictures worth a thousand words
    Obvious villain

  112. The year has not one
    impeccable masterpiece.
    Better luck next time.

  113. Films in contention
    ‘Survival’ is the main theme
    Fishing for a WIN

  114. Pawnee Parks and Rec
    Joe Biden would fit right in
    As male Leslie Knope

  115. Screw controversy.
    Blue is the warmest color
    delivered meaning.

    Powerful, of course,
    but twelve years a slave did not
    deliver meaning.

    American hustle,
    the wolf of Wall Street? Come on.
    They’re forgettable.

    This, though, is my taste.
    It’s the meaning of MY life.
    Don’t believe in ‘best’s.

  116. One Percenters Howls
    Spring Break Forever Bitches
    Cash Floats And Gun Cocks

  117. Hard to be a hipster
    Who knows so well as Frances?
    And we all go “Ha”.

    Well, I feel hustled
    Russell is not Scorsese
    But wishes he were.

    Ask the Wall Street Wolf
    “Have you any %#$%ing wool?”
    “Yes, sir–three hours full.”

    Says more about Mandela
    Than Elba got to.

    Joaquin loves Scarlett
    But it takes two to tango
    Hard without a body.

    Robert may be lost
    But Hemingway would be proud;
    Silence is golden.

    Matthew lost some weight,
    And Jared wore some makeup,

    Sandra went to space
    Had very, very bad luck
    The End. – “PERFECTION!”

    12 Years of slavehood–
    “I want to live, not survive”–
    Silence and applause.

    Llewyn Davis says:
    “Folk you, folk you, and folk folk!”
    The cat just wants milk.

    Bruce won a million,
    Or not–it doesn’t matter.
    Stoic is the word.

    Judi wants her son,
    Steve wants to complain a lot;
    Both wishes come true.

    Hunt versus Lauda–
    A Ron Howard film with sex?
    Oh, so 70s.

    Sorry, Paul Greengrass–
    South Park beat you to the punch.
    “Somali pirates we”.

    Sorry, Cate and Kate,
    I never saw your movies.
    ANYONE see Kate’s?

    Meryl, Julia:
    That trailer looks like garbage.
    You’d better impress.

    Snooty old Travers
    Met happy Mister Disney;
    Made a better film.

    Julie and Julia–
    No, not the one with Meryl–
    Better luck next time.

    Only three cartoons,
    And these foreign films are meh–
    Except the cartoon.

    Let’s get this done with,
    20-14 ought to be
    A greener pasture.

  118. Why the nudity?
    Lena is no role model
    Girl walked all over

  119. It is your problem
    If the audience is not
    Into you Lena

  120. Why the nudity?
    Dunham is no role model
    Girl walked all over


    Blanchett should have won
    For Elizabeth years back
    This year she gets it

    A one woman show
    Sandra kept us all enthralled
    Space is a tough place

    Dame Dench always kills
    This film is no exception
    Going blind? Not sure

    Emma got caught up
    In controversy, too bad
    Her role still stands out

    Labor Day got panned
    But no one hated on Kate
    Seeing this one soon

    Amy, I’m sorry
    The script left you high and dry
    You did what you could

    Before Tomorrow
    I will hope you get your due
    Julie is divine

    She’s undateable?
    I really do not think so
    Greta is a catch

    From Elaine to Veep
    Julia has made us laugh
    Here, she opens up

    Meryl said some things
    The media got her wrong
    Are her chances hurt?

  122. Apatow too proud
    Reflexive defense of nudes
    Shows a lack of depth

  123. Wait I’ll go again.


    One Percenters Howl
    Spring Break Forever Bitches
    Cash Floats And Gun Cocks


    Dad Gone Wanderin’
    Folk Musician Set Adrift
    Girl Dancer Movin’


    All Is Lost At Once
    Now Enslaved But Will Relive
    Not Survive But Live

  124. (4)

    Tale of Two Sisters
    Tale of Mother and Daughter
    Stories Women Tell


    Woman Trapped in Lies
    Lies to Oneself or Others
    Sings Blue Moon Alone


    Story to Save Dad
    Bond with Dad in Nebraska
    Sing a Song to Dad

  125. If 12 Years a Slave
    Goes home empty-handed, then
    I will eat my hat.

    Defy Gravity,
    Steve McQueen, and no longer
    Be confused for thesp.

    What a year when Kate
    Winslet is the least likely
    To win in her field.

    I love Amy, but
    That monologue about the boots
    Should get Streep ninth win.

    Jeanette or Jasmine,
    Gives Blanche run for her money.
    Blanchett for the win.

    Cate Blanchett is great,
    But the role of a lifetime?
    Every part she plays!

    Virgin Queen, Oscar
    Queen, Elf, Allen muse, The Bard.
    Nothing Cate can’t do!

    Cate versus Judi,
    God must be testing me with
    Notes on a Scandal.

    Frozen has best song.
    If Please Mr. Kennedy
    Wins, can’t Let It Go.

    Always unsung hero,
    That Butler of the White House.
    Oprah sits at home.

    The box office queens,
    Julia, Sandra, JLaw.
    Welcome back to Globes!

    Ms. Louis-Dreyfus,
    Come a long way from Elaine,
    Seinfeld curse broken.

    The Wolf, a Hustle,
    Incest, old age, OS love.
    Where’s the comedy?

    She tried to stop Walt.
    But what would P.L. Travers
    Say of biopic?

    Jared Leto,
    Fresh off of BAFTA snub, but
    Still the frontrunner.

    From My So-Called Life
    To Academy King (Queen).
    What about Claire Danes?

    AIDS, cocaine, and Mud
    McConaughey worked his ass
    Off — literally.

    Scandal, Julie, Doubt,
    Titanic, Fighter, Charlie!
    Reunions tonight!

  126. Old masters speak truth
    Meryl deserves no such flak
    Marty knows better

    Domestic drama
    Shows human complexities
    August is The Past

  127. Robert Redford sails
    The high seas like Life of Pi.
    Alone. All is lost.

  128. Her. Him. Fall in love.
    In the space between the lines.
    Endless connection.

  129. Ryan says: “JPNS Viewer. I have no idea why the spam filter decided your haiku were suspicious overnight. Maybe it thought you had an unfair cultural advantage.”

    LOL. Witty, indeed. xD

  130. The “Comedy” list
    Is in itself comedic—
    The films have few laughs.

    No guts no glory—
    An op’ning dance routine by
    Neil Patrick Harris.

    Who will win the Globe?
    Masterful look at slave’ry
    Or Bullock in space?

    While some point out Rush
    As a surprise nom, don’t fret—
    It’s not “The Tourist.”

  131. Gravity on top,
    McConaughey takes home gold.
    That’s how it will be.

    Then again, who knows?
    The Globes do like surprises.
    We’ll surely see some.

  132. Great Blue Hunt Past Wind
    Globes do this category?
    Oh wait, “Foreign Press!”

    Meryls twenty-eighth
    Julia does her best in years
    The Westons won’t win

    Tom, Meryl, Kate, Cate
    Golden Globes play at prestige
    It’s about the booze

    Never in my life
    Chiwetel Ejifor pops!
    Winner, no statue.

    Streep pops Percocet
    McConaughey takes Peptide
    Leo does them all

    Never get the globe
    Alfonso, Paul, Steve, David
    Always the Bridesmaids

  133. Irish woman’s search
    Son sold by Catholic Church
    Nun forced adoption

  134. Pick a card any
    Card, even up your sleeve—the
    House plays close to chest

    Political chess
    Frank Underwood is King Lear
    Game ends for Russo

  135. Pretend fixer starts
    Real scandal for live white males
    On Saturday Night

  136. For best comedy:
    Inside Llewyn Davis, Her?
    Please, don’t make me laugh.

    Douglas and Damon,
    Behind the Candelabra,
    Behind each other.

    Best laughter actor:
    Julia Louis-Dreyfus.
    She should be golden.

  137. Lockdown with time and space
    a blast of debris
    Soar — when no one is looking

    A mother’s quest unravels
    The wounds of her youth
    Her heart takes a long journey

    Life smothering tapestry
    Slavery infects
    With death as the living wage

    Wretched underpinnings
    The mistress vacant
    Dancing on the devil’s tongue

  138. Father-son road trip
    Nebraska for sweepstakes prize
    And scores to settle

  139. Amy Adams keeps
    Getting hustled at awards
    Shows her best chance yet

  140. Significant weight
    Loss May end in golden gain
    For Matt and Jared

  141. Gerwig endears and
    Annoys as Frances dances
    Dreams through life with joy

  142. Upstairs, downstairs cast
    To perfection family
    Tragedy and change

  143. Masters and Johnson
    Sexy science pioneers
    Caplan captivates

  144. Before sunrise starts
    Before sunset reunites
    Before midnight ends

  145. You’ve got work to do
    In deciding what’s the best
    Good luck with all that.

    Haiku just for you (Sasha and Ryan)

  146. Spader weaves a web
    Deadpan chain of events play
    Off of the blacklist

  147. Just for fun:

    A. D. is the Best
    Gives us lots to talk about
    Oscars and the Globes

  148. Alternative:

    Awards Daily Rules!
    Gives us lots to fight about
    Oscars and the Globes


  149. Phil-o-men-a—four.
    Shit. Aug-ust Os-age Coun-ty—
    Ugh. Give it to Rush.

  150. 12 Years a Slave Yawn
    Gravity Overrated
    Captain Phillips Yes

  151. A Mouthful His Name
    Chiwetel Ejiofor
    But His Win Means Fame

  152. If J-Law wins it,
    It’ll be two in a row
    She doesn’t deserve.

  153. Chiwetel Maybe
    Matthew McConaughey Sure
    But Redford Will Win

  154. Year Year Chains Year Year
    Shackles Year Year Year Year Year
    Whips Year Year Year Noose

  155. Scarlett Johansson
    in voice alone steals the show
    all signs point to Her

  156. The Wolf of Wall Street
    and American Hustle
    Will Both Be So Beat

  157. Delpy Gerwig Streep
    and Louis-Dreyfus just watch
    as Amy Wins Globe

  158. Tom Hanks saved the ship.
    Robert Redford sailed alone.
    Neither won a Globe.

  159. Tennessee Allen’s
    A Subway Named Desire
    stars Blanchett DuBois.

  160. The Globes spread the wealth.
    One win to most; two to some.
    Oscar’s wide open.

  161. A slave for 12 years
    But equality in film?
    Decades in coming.

  162. Who won? I’m curious. :-)

  163. Guys ! Had Jennifer Lawrence been nominated for Catching Fire, she’d have definitely bagged the Oscar. Honestly, that was a stellar performance.
    The Academy just roots for the mainstream movies. Another Oscar snub – Catching Fire for best costume design. Great Gatsby took home the big prize. Like designing a flapper dress is hard -_-

    And Lupita. While she is gorgeous and a fine actress, she had nothing on Jennifer Lawrence. Jen’s character progressed from devious,vindictive housewife to wife to mother to EVERYTHING. She was brilliant.

    BUT Julia was robbed big here ! She was incredible in August, and I’m not even a huge Julia Fan. How she was demoted to supporting actress, I’ll never understand,but nevertheless, she was absolutely brilliant.
    Somuch of emotion and agony radiating through her performance.

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