Save the Psycho House!

Sign the petition at to save this historic monument.
Posted On 21 Feb 2014

If We Picked the Winners on

If you haven’t been reading their Oscar coverage over at you’re missing something. This week, as ballots continue to be outstanding (until the 25th at 5pm) select critics have been called upon to write up the contenders. Some of them are worth a...
Posted On 21 Feb 2014

Steve McQueen Named Polaris Project Ambassador

Steve McQueen continues to say during Oscar campaigning (yes, I said it – at least I didn’t “on the campaign trail,” which is what it feels like during Oscar season) that slavery has not been abolished, and continues throughout the world. Polaris Project,...
Posted On 21 Feb 2014

Kids Re-Enact Oscar Contenders

I love this but it probably is cuter if you’re a parent. I love the Gravity and 12 Years a Slave ones the best.
Posted On 21 Feb 2014

Excuse Me While I Whip This Out: Best Picture in the Time of Obama

Deadline’s Pete Hammond writes, I think, an interesting, well-examined look at Fox Searchlight’s billboard with the message “It’s time” written on it. This has become its own whisper campaign of sorts — Matt Drudge linked to it, very likely...
Posted On 20 Feb 2014

Oscar Voting for Dummies – The Screenplays

It seems to me that there are some categories where voters will have likely seen most of the nominees. How hard is it, for example, to see all five of the Best Director contenders? Likely you’ve seen them: 12 Years a Slave, Gravity, American Hustle, Nebraska, The Wolf of...
Posted On 19 Feb 2014

The Leo Pitch

Is it finally time?
Posted On 19 Feb 2014

Oscar Bits and Bites

NPR Talks to John Walker, editor of 12 Years a Slave: “And we see him hanging, and doing this surreal dance with the tiptoes of his feet in the mud,” Walker says. “And we aren’t plying you with music, and we aren’t making big comments — and...
Posted On 18 Feb 2014

Oscar Voting for Dummies – Best Picture

We here at Awards Daily plan to walk the voters through this painful process of having to make a choice – and the even more painful truth that they have never, will never see all of the movies. Not to worry. AwardsDaily is here to help. We shall do our best to provide you...
Posted On 18 Feb 2014