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6 months ago

The Case for Martin Scorsese

It’s difficult for many of us to be unbiased when it comes to Martin Scorsese. Very likely he could direct a remake of When Harry Met Sally and I’d... (Read More)

6 months ago

Oscar Voters Spilling the Beans

It’s never a pretty picture to look inside the mind of your average Oscar voter, especially those who have nothing better to do than blab about their choices.  Back... (Read More)

6 months ago

The Lady in Number 6 Dies, RIP

The wonderfully alive subject of the Lady in Number 6 just passed, says the Hollywood Reporter. She was 110 and the oldest survivor of the Holocaust. Incredible story, incredible... (Read More)

6 months ago

Oscar Haiku Book Giveaway!

We’re giving away a book pack for our AwardsDaily giveaway.  To get the pack, please write a haiku of this silly season.  Remember, they are five syllables, then seven,... (Read More)

6 months ago

The Case For: David O. Russell

In the third installment of our series looking at the Best Director category to make the best case for each one, we’re looking at David O. Russell, who makes... (Read More)