SXSW Film Fest Announces Lineup

The SXSW film fest has announced its lineup of many diverse films, some you’ve already heard of because they played in Sundance, like The Runaways. Can you spot the Oscar movies, if any, on this list? There are at least two Oscar-winning actors. I spy an Oscar-winning...
Posted On 04 Feb 2010

The Critics Chat About the Oscars

Thanks to Anne Thompson for tipping us off to this Charlie Rose discussion. At first I found I was rather enthralled by A.O. Scott and Annette Insdorf. But then Dana Steven of Slate and Stephanie Zacharek join the chat and oy, my lands. By the end I felt like I was going to...
Posted On 03 Feb 2010

Awards Daily’s 10th Annual Predict the Oscars

We will be announcing the prizes in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, if you are so inclined to predict them, you may enter our month-long Predict the Oscars Contest!
Posted On 03 Feb 2010

Avatanic Has Done It.

From the MovieBlog: It has taken James Cameron’s latest film just over seven weeks to accomplish what his last film took almost a year to do. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cameron’s Avatar has broken the all-time domestic box-office record, with an updated...
Posted On 03 Feb 2010

Big Ten Winners

Believe it or not, there were several readers who got 10 out of 10 predictions correct. Good job. And they are: WJ Mahan Kristyna Mackinnon Kevin Landry Edgardo Moro Frank Vigliarolo Bryan Williams Kevin Krout Charles L1ica The runners-up, with nine, after the cut.
Posted On 03 Feb 2010