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83rd Oscar Ceremony

Bill Maher skewers the Oscars

“What a week, right, people? I mean this week, Americans turned on their televisions and were witness to a pathetic disaster slowly unfolding. And then after the Oscars were over…” New Rule: Colin Firth has to admit that he’s not a human being, but a robot designed by women. He’s ...

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How to Rescue the Oscars

What’s a good rescue strategy do we think for the Oscar telecast? ¬†It seems they’ve tried lots of new techniques to spruce things up – some complete disasters (having the winners in the tech categories stand up in the audience – what hath god wrought), and some decent attempts at ...

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Caption This!

1.____________________________________________ (readers who can’t bear to make a joke about Tom Hooper can find two alternate photos to caption, after the cut.)

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Whether it's the Real Sorkin or Not…

This comment was left last night by maybe Aaron Sorkin.  We never quite know, do we.  One could always be punking me.  But if so, Sorkin or (oval or any other shape) a person pretending to be Sorkin: I apologize for crashing the conversation but now that the envelopes have ...

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Oscar Bits and Bites on Oscar Day

Don’t miss Andy Trudeau’s annual look at the Best Score category. He picks John Powell’s score for How to Train Your Dragon, which of course means the Academy won’t pick it. Listen now! (thanks to Marshall for the link). All of the scores are so beautiful, aren’t they? Nat Rogers ...

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Editorial: Why Mark Zuckerberg Was Always Destined To Get No Further Than The Oscar Bike Room.


[notice]This editorial was written by a British 15 year-old named Michael Dalton living in Switzerland. [/notice] When The Social Network won every critic award in sight many, including me believed that this love would continue right up to the Oscars. The Social Network was the “Zeitgeist” film, it supposedly captured ...

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Oscar Parties and Oscar Night Treats

What is your Oscar night routine? ¬†I usually spend the evening with my 12 year-old daughter Emma, who is almost as old as this website. ¬†We don’t do much in the way of cooking and entertaining – I’m always way too consumed with keeping the server from crashing and tweeting ...

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The Carpetbagger on Younging it Up

The Carpetbagger, aka Melena Ryzik on the Academy’s kind of funny push-me, pull-you year they’re having. ¬†I have never tried to sell the idea that The King’s Speech appeals to older while The Social Network appeals to younger, necessarily: more young people actually prefer The King’s Speech I’m told. Actually, ...

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83rd Oscars Spoilers

Well, once you read Nikki Finke’s spoilers on how the telecast will unfurl – Steven Spielberg will be handing out the top prize to The King’s Speech — well, it doesn’t exactly SAY that — talk about taking some of the fun out of it. ¬†Either way, she outlines how ...

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