Oscarwatch: The Writers, Part One: Adapted Screenplays

There isn’t anything better than a great director working with a great screenwriter. Despite how many screenwriters there are in Los Angeles (rumor has it, there are more screenwriters here than people), there are precious few of them who can lay it down in any meaningful...
Posted On 30 Nov 2012

Writers Roundtable – Boal, Terrio, etc.

If you care to watch.  There are a few notable writers who are glaringly missing from this.
Posted On 14 Nov 2012

Oscars 2012: The Adapted Screenplays

Recently, I was lucky enough to be invited on NPR to talk about the adapted screenplay race. It surprised host Rachel Martin that the screenplay race, it turned out, wasn’t so much about the individual screenplays as it was about the Best Picture category. This is probably...
Posted On 09 Feb 2012

Sorting Screenplays: Adapted and Original

We have a master list of 265 screenplays eligible for Oscar consideration.  We need to separate the Adapted from the Originals so that Rob can finish constructing the simulated Oscar ballot .  It’s a monster project, so can I enlist your help?  I’ve made a really...
Posted On 09 Jan 2012

Download 8 screenplays by Christopher Nolan

@CineVue and @Raindance tweet links to a great resource at raindance.org where you can read and download 8 scripts by Christopher Nolan — Following, Memento, The Prestige, Insomnia, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Inception and The Keys to the Street (unproduced).  ...
Posted On 10 Jul 2011

Author Brian Selznick talks about Hugo Cabret

Adapted for Scorsese’s film version by Oscar nominee John August (Gladiator, The Aviator, Coriolanus).
Posted On 07 May 2011

Sight unseen, scouting out the best screenplays of 2011

Since much of a best screenplay nomination hangs on the past pedigrees of the writers, directors and cast, it’s never too soon to begin groping in the dark to wonder which films might emerge as this year’s frontrunners for best screenplay. A message from phantom this...
Posted On 11 Apr 2011

Writers Guild chooses 101 Greatest Screenplays

Charles Brackett, Gloria Swanson, and Billy Wilder This list has been around sine 2005, but I had forgotten about it. Worth another look? Nothing since Eternal Sunshine in 2004? What screenplays from the past 7 years would you add? Several directors have very good taste and/or...
Posted On 09 Apr 2011

USC Scripter nominees!

The 2011 finalists for the USC Scripter awards: Danny Boyle and Simon Beaufoy for 127 Hours, adapted from mountain climber Aron Ralston’s autobiography Between a Rock and a Hard Place Roman Polanski for The Ghost Writer, adapted from journalist Robert Harris’ novel...
Posted On 05 Jan 2011

AD Readers Poll: Predict the Oscar screenplays

Choose the 10 screenplays you think the Academy will nominate (not your own personal favorites). Cast your votes after the cut.
Posted On 05 Jan 2011