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Kim Novak to be Special Guest of Honor at Cannes Film Fest, Restored Version of Vertigo to Screen

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Exciting news that Ms. Kim Novak will be the Guest of Honor where the newly restored version of Hitchcock’s masterpiece, newly named Sight and Sound’s Best Film of All Time, Vertigo. Vertigo is the kind of film that at the first few passes you might think, what’s the big deal? But it, like Citizen Kane, is the kind of movie that offers up more every time dive back into it….


The Season of the Hitch

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The year in film was already marked by Alfred Hitchcock as Vertigo at last topped Citizen Kane in the Sight & Sound poll. Vertigo had been slowly climbing its way to the top and this year it finally broke Kane’s 50-year reign at #1. As human nature dictates, the larger they loom, the harder they fall and it was inevitable that the arguments would begin about Vertigo’s worth. Simultaneously, two…