Life of Pi, Anna Karenina, Skyfall win Art Directors Guild Awards

Best Art Direction for a Fantasy Film: David Gropman for Life of Pi Best Art Direction for a Period Film: Sarah Greenwood, Anna Karenina Best Art Direction for a Contemporary Film: Dennis Gassner, Skyfall
Posted On 02 Feb 2013

Art Directors Guild: Predictions & No Guts, No Glory

Art Directors Guild is holding their awards ceremony tonight. My best guesses: Period Film Prediction: ANNA KARENINA NGNG: LINCOLN Fantasy Film Prediction: LIFE OF PI NGNG: CLOUD ATLAS Contemporary Film Prediction: SKYFALL NGNG: ZERO DARK THIRTY Review all the Art Directors Guild...
Posted On 02 Feb 2013

2012 Art Directors Guild nominees

NOMINEES FOR EXCELLENCE IN PRODUCTION DESIGN FOR A FEATURE FILM IN 2011: Period Film THE ARTIST Production Designer: Laurence Bennett HUGO, Production Designer: Dante Ferretti THE HELP, Production Designer: Mark Ricker ANONYMOUS, Production Designer: Sebastian Krawinkel TINKER...
Posted On 03 Jan 2012

Dante Ferretti talks to the New York Times

  It’s hard for me to imagine any film beating Hugo for Art Direction. ¬†With the glass studio, the magical sets, the inside of the clock tower, the train station – top to bottom, a masterpiece of design. It should do battle with The Artist, Harry Potter, War...
Posted On 01 Jan 2012

Art Directors Guild Awards

Contemporary feature film: Therese DePrez, BLACK SWAN Fantasy feature film: Guy Hendrix Dyas, INCEPTION Period feature film: Eve Stewart, THE KING’S SPEECH One-hour single camera TV series: Dan Bishop of MAD MEN Half-hour single camera TV series: Richard Berg of MODERN...
Posted On 05 Feb 2011

How to Build the Lovely Bones Afterlife

The LA Times’ Rachel Abramowitz talks to the screenwriters about how to bring the fantasy elements of The Lovely Bones to the screen. Hands down, this would be the hardest line to walk adapting the novel to the screen. However, it’s worth noting that if there is one...
Posted On 01 Nov 2009

Alice in Wonderland Trailer!

[UPDATE: well, that youtube sure got nuked by Disney in record time. For now, you can find another copy here, you're out of luck. We'll have a better embeddable vid up again as soon. See comment #35 for details.]
Posted On 22 Jul 2009

Beautiful Alice in Wonderland Photos

There is never any denying that the designers Tim Burton works with do dazzling work. At some point, Burton’s films will be studied side by side and the uniting theme of them won’t necessarily be the characters or the writing, but the look of them. With one or two...
Posted On 21 Jul 2009