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4 years ago

The Women: Unhinged

While the men characters are doing things like cutting off their arms to survive, creating a social networking revolution, learning to give speeches and becoming king of England while... (Read More)

franco nyt
4 years ago

New York Times actors gallery

This weekend‚Äôs New York Times Magazine showcases exclusive photos and videos of 14 actors who defined cinema in 2010, including: James Franco Natalie Portman (who graces the cover) Jennifer... (Read More)

4 years ago

Girls on Girls on Film

The Daily Beast calls this a list of the “10 Steamiest Lesbian Sex Scenes” but most of them are merely humid and partly dewy. For a stark contrast with... (Read More)

rabbit hole sm
4 years ago

New Rabbit Hole poster

Effective concept. Prismatic strips break up the emotional peaks and valleys in a dramatic spectrograph. See it full size after the cut.