Early Prospects for Best Actress

The race for Best Actress has not yet gotten started but looking over the year’s slate, finding five nominees should be easier than it’s been in a while. It already looks like a competitive season, with most of the big performances yet to be seen.  Already, Rooney...
Posted On 03 Jun 2013

Side Effects UK Trailer

Another incarnation for Mara, and a lead role for a woman – the rarest thing in mainstream film now.
Posted On 23 Jan 2013

Rooney Mara Talks Soderbergh’s Side Effects in Vogue Interview

Rooney Mara covers Vogue with Garbo-like allure and inside some tidbits about Steven Soderbergh’s Side Effects, which will hit the Berlin Film Fest (Feb 7-17), it’s just been announced. In Side Effects, Mara takes on the role of the wife of a hapless insider trader,...
Posted On 14 Jan 2013

Fincher’s Dragon Tattoo: What it Feels Like for a Girl

Men Who Hate Women. That’s what Stieg Larsson called his book, which then became The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. To know this story is to know Larsson. If you forget about him, the key to this story is lost. The story is about men who hate women and the women who fight...
Posted On 31 Dec 2011

Trouble in Mind – Diving Down Deep with Best Actress

  Three of the year’s strongest female performances threaten convention, the one that says females are usually cast as supporting, loving, noble characters who give of themselves in the service of the male lead.  It’s not always the case, especially not so in the...
Posted On 30 Dec 2011

Ferocious Rooney Mara heats up the Best Actress race

Rooney Mara has got me by the balls. She’s tasered me, straddled my face, and inked her embodiment of Lisbeth Salander into my head.  Unlike the scumbag recipient of her vengeance in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, I’m honored that she’s left her mark on me. ...
Posted On 29 Dec 2011

Dragon Tattoo Review from Confessions of a Female Filmmaker

  Here is something you don’t come across every day.  As we head into an Oscar season that is mostly going to be, once again, about white male protagonists it was refreshing to come across this site, Confessions of a Female Filmmaker and her review of The Dragon...
Posted On 25 Dec 2011

“Critical Consensus” takes on The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

IndieWire’s bi-weekly feature “Critical Consensus” asks EW’s Owen Gleiberman and Elle magazine’s Karen Durbin about The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and the culture of Top 10 lists. It’s a great discussion, worth your time to read to to bottom....
Posted On 21 Dec 2011

Streep, Close, Williams, Swinton, Theron, Mara and … Davis

Jeff Wells has gone to bat for Meryl Streep in The Iron Lady: You can dribble the Viola Davis basketball all over the court and shoot swish shots to your heart’s content, but that won’t change the fact that Meryl Streep’s freakishly dead-on performance as...
Posted On 22 Nov 2011

Oscarwatch: For Your Consideration

Why does it seem like the beginning of October is already too late to push through an Oscar contender?  If you’re a big star in a big movie you’re already on the radar of those who write about Oscar buzz, a thing that increasingly has no there to it.  But if...
Posted On 26 Sep 2011