Kim Masters HR Exclusive on Fincher is a tad One-Sided

The Hollywood Reporter runs its second story on David Fincher, Sony and the supposed upcoming Steve Jobs biopic, wherein a source continues to huff and puff their side of the story all the while complaining about what a diva and tyrant Fincher is because of his...
Posted On 14 Apr 2014

Christian Bale’s Name Arises for Fincher/Sorkin Steve Jobs Biopic

This story reminds me of Ben Bradlee in All the President’s Men saying “WILL SOMEONE GO ON RECORD FOR THIS STORY!?” According to an anonymously sourced exclusive, that could neither be confirmed nor denied, David Fincher’s first choice is Christian Bale...
Posted On 20 Mar 2014

David Fincher’s Gone Girl gets a Release Date and Set Pics Emerge

David Fincher is filming Gone Girl as we speak, with a release date now set for October 3, 2014. That only means a whole year to wait. It will zoom by.  Set pictures have surfaced of Fincher and Ben Affleck, the film’s star, along with The Bar (if you read the book, you...
Posted On 16 Oct 2013

Fincher’s Ad for Calvin Klein with Rooney Mara

…Is a moving painting…it is as though you can take it in with all five senses. A work of art.
Posted On 08 Jul 2013

Fincher on the Art of the Title (Sequence) and House of Cards, Maybe Dragon Tattoo

The Playlist tips us off to a Fincher retrospective over at the Art of the Title. Probably my favorites would be The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Panic Room, although I’d never really noticed Zodiac’s until today and it’s so pretty and creepy at the same...
Posted On 27 Aug 2012