Reader Feedback – on Argo and Other Laments

I feel like I need to put this exchange here on the main page because frankly I’m sick of having to discuss this repeatedly. First, a reader named Andrew wrote: I’m not sure what my not posting on other threads has to with anything, but I will make one point- I have...
Posted On 08 Mar 2013

Two Different Kinds of People: Ken Taylor and Joe Courtney

After listening to the Dick Gordon podcast of one of the houseguests in Iran (they weren’t hostages) only then did I realize the role that Canadian ambassador Ken Taylor played in both keeping the Americans safe and in enlisting the CIA to get them home. I get that Argo...
Posted On 23 Feb 2013

The Industry so far, not the Oscars

It’s gotten to a point where every award won counts as “the Oscars.” Oscar turned his back on the consensus rules which said Ben Affleck and Kathryn Bigelow should have been nominees – and when that happened, the industry and consensus forced things back...
Posted On 22 Feb 2013

Can Alan Arkin Win for Argo and Other Questions about Supporting Actor

One of the first Oscars of the night will be for Supporting Actor. At that point, we may have an idea as to where the night is headed. De Niro could signal a POSSIBLE Silver Linings leaning. Tommy Lee Jones may show they like Lincoln better than people thought (or not), Christoph...
Posted On 21 Feb 2013

Argogo Parody

This made me laugh until I cried and I needed that today.  Video by Brian Reiss:
Posted On 20 Feb 2013