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The State of the Race: Fumbling Towards Enlightenment


The Oscars can be a kaleidoscope view of our world — spectacular and surreal. Or they can be a microscope, honing in with sharp perspective on matters we’re obliged to observe with crystal clarity. The themes that course through this year’s Oscar race for Best Picture will likely be far ...

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Ensemble Casts on the Path to Best Picture


Will actors eventually be selected out of their central role in movies, increasing replaced by animation,  performance capture, and other evolving forms of digital characters?  That irrational fear has been drifting in and out of Oscar conversations for years. Just as the pleasure of reading books has endured while movies became ...

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The State of the Oscar Race – And of These, Hope


With two weeks before the US Presidential election, nerves are frayed. The horses are kicking in their stalls. Cumulonimbus clouds on the horizon and a country sharply divided. Oscar season had no choice but to start early this year. With ballots being turned in very early in January, there are ...

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Argo: Just a Great F*cking Movie


Have you ever seen a movie where you walk out saying, “That was just a great fucking movie”? That’s Ben Affleck’s Argo. Inexplicably, a film that draws its strength from humor and suspense, winds up being more moving the second time through. Perhaps because once you have been through the ...

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Oscar Shenanigans Start Early – Target, Argo

I felt the need to throw some support Argo’s way after a story has emerged that the film was insulting to Canadians and yadda yadda yadda. The alleged sore point is that the film focuses on the previously unpublicized involvement of CIA while, until now, the Canadians got to take ...

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Ebert Calls it for Argo

I think it’s too early to call a winner in the 2012 Oscar race, particularly since FOUR key films have not been seen. Those FOUR are Lincoln, Les Miserables, Zero Dark Thirty and Django Unchained. All three could feasibly be the Million Dollar Baby of this year, sweeping in late ...

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