Career Honors and Achievements Pouring in

With Flight charging towards $100 million, Zemeckis’ most successful film of late, the Palm Springs International Film Fest has seen fit to honor him with Director of the Year. “For 35 years, Robert Zemeckis has been creating some of the most iconic and indelible images in...
Posted On 28 Nov 2012

The Soundworks Profile for Flight

Flight is an amazing movie for Denzel Washington’s internal struggle but the plane crash is on the high scale of awesome.
Posted On 07 Nov 2012

Praise of Denzel Washington Pouring in for Flight

From Roger Ebert: After opening with one of the most terrifying flying scenes I’ve witnessed, in which an airplane is saved by being flown upside down, Robert Zemeckis’ “Flight” segues into a brave and tortured performance by Denzel Washington — one of his...
Posted On 01 Nov 2012