Oscars 2012 Pet Peeves – Top Five

5. If it doesn’t make you cry it won’t win Best Picture. Sure, it always helps if you cry but it is hardly a pre-requisite.  Every year there are movies that make you cry in the lineup and they don’t win. War Horse left me a soggy wreck, Extremely Loud and...
Posted On 02 Jan 2013

Debating Lincoln, Defining History

From history professors to civil rights leaders, Spielberg’s Lincoln has become a bit of a hot-button issue, not quite on the level of hysteria Zero Dark Thirty has stirred up, but enough of a “whisper campaign” to be a threat.  This is the way it is in Oscar...
Posted On 17 Dec 2012

The State of the Race: The Land of Hope and Dreams

“This train carries saints and sinners. This train, carries losers and winners.” –Springsteen So much of the Oscar race is built on the precarious ledge of hope. Audiences hope the movies are good. Publicists hope for many nominations and a big payday. Film fans...
Posted On 04 Dec 2012

Zero Dark Thirty Takes Early Lead in Oscar’s Race for Best Picture

Buzz is a funny thing. Just because Oscar pundits think they know the buzz before the buzz starts, there’s no mistaking it once it gets here. Right now, the movie that has all of the buzz is Zero Dark Thirty, right behind it is Lincoln. Both films won three awards at the...
Posted On 03 Dec 2012

Picture of the Day – “Slavery Sir? It’s done.”

Sent to me by Robert McNamara from - The Louisiana Democrat. (Alexandria, La.) 1845-1918, December 14, 1859. Worth fighting a bloody civil war over.
Posted On 02 Dec 2012

Best Picture, Best Director, How Often do they Repeat?

The new Gurus of Gold just went up. Lincoln still tops, with Spielberg for director. Just behind Spielberg, though, is Ben Affleck, followed by Tom Hooper, David O. Russell and Kathryn Bigelow. Only Affleck and Russell haven’t won before. Les Miserables is at the number 2...
Posted On 01 Dec 2012

GOP House Leader Renting Spielberg’s Lincoln to Show Fellow GOP Reps

“Slavery sir? It’s done.” Hoping to scrape whatever’s left of their dignity off the floor, Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the third ranking House Republican is bringing Spielberg’s film to DC so that perhaps the Grand Old Party could be reminded of when it was...
Posted On 28 Nov 2012

The State of the Race: At War, In Love

So the multitude goes, like the flower and the weed That wither away to let others succeed; So the multitude comes, even those we behold, To repeat every tale that hath often been told. –A poem President Lincoln loved enough he once said about it, “I would give all I am...
Posted On 27 Nov 2012

Pundits Align Around Certain Films as Season Speeds Towards End

Over at InContention, Kris Tapley — who had been predicting Argo — went for Les Mis in a big way last night, writing: And the Best Picture landscape will be shaken up one more time this season. Is this the one to take it all the way, two years after Hooper did...
Posted On 24 Nov 2012

Lincoln Takes the Lead at Gurus of Gold

Over at Movie City News, David Poland put up a quickie chart for Best Picture. As of now, Dave Karger is still confident Silver Linings Playbook will take home Best Picture. Karger faith + Weinstein Co + sappy crowdpleaser has equaled Best Picture for two years running. Can it...
Posted On 23 Nov 2012