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World Premiere of Lincoln to Close AFI Fest

Kris Tapley predicted this on Twitter last week. And thus, it’s come to pass that Lincoln will have its premiere at the Chinese theater to close the AFI Fest on November 8th – just two days after the US election, if you can believe. It’s either going to be a ...

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America – Forgetting the Past is STILL Hard

I’ve been catching up with Louis CK on Netflix and I came upon this riff on Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer. I think it’s relevant subject matter because when Lincoln comes out this whole megillah is going to be brought back up again — white roles vs. black roles, how ...

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Google Hangout Explained

Once it was announced that the Lincoln trailer would debut on a Google hangout many were perplexed. What IS a google hangout? Well, for most of you it’s probably something fun to do on the net. For me it’s my worst nightmare. Why? I hate video camera conversations. I suspect ...

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Sally Field to Play Mary Todd Lincoln

It has been announced that Sally Field will play Mary Todd Lincoln in the upcoming Steven Spielberg movie: “I’m excited to be working with Sally for the first time,” Spielberg said of the two-time Oscar winner. “I’ve admired her films, and she has always been my first choice to portray ...

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