The State of the Race: Defining an Oscar Frontrunner

“I call to you, I call to you but I don’t call soft enough. There ain’t no cure for love.” – L. Cohen The Oscar race, like an urgent search for “true love,” is rarely about finding Ms. Right, so much as it is about finding Ms. Right Now. Sometimes you get lucky...
Posted On 20 Nov 2012

Reviving the Memory of Lincoln Seamstress Elizabeth Keckly

One of the most enjoyable things about Spielberg/Kushner’s Lincoln is how subtle much of it is. You’d never really know much about the character Gloria Reuben plays unless you were deep into Lincoln history. Her name was Elizabeth Keckly and she was famous in her own...
Posted On 19 Nov 2012

Spielberg, Kearns Goodwin at Gettysburg Dedication, Livestream

Now speaking on the life of Lincoln, Spielberg.
Posted On 19 Nov 2012

Lincoln Over-Performs at the Box Office in Expanded Release

Box Office Mojo reports that Lincoln is doing better than expected at the box office on its expansion to 1,175 theaters. Argo is edging slowly towards $100 million, currently at $92 and yes, Twilight Breaking Dawn broke a record for the franchise. All in all, a great season at...
Posted On 18 Nov 2012

Reader Spotlight: Lincoln Review by Nic V

I saw Lincoln yesterday with some apprehension. I’ve been waiting to see this film since it was announced over a year ago. I remembered however how much I had anticipated War Horse and how disappointed I was after seeing that film. I was apprehensive about the length of Lincoln....
Posted On 18 Nov 2012
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How Spielberg’s Cinematographer Got These Eleven Shots

Vulture dives into the collaboration of Steven Spielberg and Janusz Kaminski, starting with AI and working up to Lincoln. For Lincoln he chooses the opening shot. But I suspect the one that will be most remembered for the film is this one. It has stirred conversation by critics...
Posted On 17 Nov 2012

Tony Kushner on Colbert

“Is Lincoln sexy?” “Absolutely … HUGE feet” The Colbert Report Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,Video Archive
Posted On 15 Nov 2012

Hollywood, the Oscars and Race

It really isn’t fair that every film involving any ethnic group besides white people is controversial at the outset. Even before the film is seen it’s controversial — just for including Black or Asian or Hispanic characters, or independent strong-willed women, it’s...
Posted On 14 Nov 2012

The State of the Race: Fumbling Towards Enlightenment

The Oscars can be a kaleidoscope view of our world — spectacular and surreal. Or they can be a microscope, honing in with sharp perspective on matters we’re obliged to observe with crystal clarity. The themes that course through this year’s Oscar race for Best Picture...
Posted On 13 Nov 2012

Ensemble Casts on the Path to Best Picture

Will actors eventually be selected out of their central role in movies, increasing replaced by animation,  performance capture, and other evolving forms of digital characters?  That irrational fear has been drifting in and out of Oscar conversations for years. Just as the...
Posted On 12 Nov 2012