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Silver Linings Playbook

Hardcore SAG Campaigning

Right now two of the strongest ad campaigns for Oscar online are Silver Linings Playbook and Argo. That’s because they figure the Best Picture prize is up for grabs in a wide open race so why not go for it. They are making last minute rallies everywhere I turn. I ...

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Dr. Oz Goes to Bat for Silver Linings

Despite the many complaints about the film for painting mental illness as a cutesy quirk that can be easily erased with meds, Dr. Oz has tied it in with the subject of “mental illness” as portrayed in Silver Linings Playbook. This helps lend the romantic comedy with “gravitas,” giving voters ...

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The State of the Race: The Land of Hope and Dreams


“This train carries saints and sinners. This train, carries losers and winners.” —Springsteen So much of the Oscar race is built on the precarious ledge of hope. Audiences hope the movies are good. Publicists hope for many nominations and a big payday. Film fans hope for their tastes to be ...

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The Little Movie that Could and Might

I thought it was worth mentioning that, though it might seem ludicrous that a film like Silver Linings Playbook — feelgood, light romcom – could beat the best lineup of films we’ve seen in a long, long time it might do just that. As I was listening to actors chatter ...

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The State of the Race: Defining an Oscar Frontrunner


“I call to you, I call to you but I don’t call soft enough. There ain’t no cure for love.” – L. Cohen The Oscar race, like an urgent search for “true love,” is rarely about finding Ms. Right, so much as it is about finding Ms. Right Now. Sometimes ...

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Silver Linings Playbook Gets Raves

Manohla Dargis of the NY Times loves David O. Russell’s Silver Linings Playbook, making it a critic’s pick of the week. She says audiences are longing for a happy ending only Russell can deliver: As its title announces, “Silver Linings Playbook” honks, waves and pleads for happiness. Not long into ...

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Ensemble Casts on the Path to Best Picture


Will actors eventually be selected out of their central role in movies, increasing replaced by animation,  performance capture, and other evolving forms of digital characters?  That irrational fear has been drifting in and out of Oscar conversations for years. Just as the pleasure of reading books has endured while movies became ...

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