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1 year ago

$51M for Gatsby

Talk about top-heavy box-office. The Great Gatsby has collected $51 million on its opening weekend, coming in 2nd after Iron Man 3 with $72M. On virtually the same number... (Read More)

1 year ago

The Great Gatsby UK Trailer

By now, I’m having a hard time telling the difference between the trailers — but here you go. ¬†What we’re looking for with this film is whether it will... (Read More)

1 year ago

New Gatsby Posters

Such Moving Pictures just posted these lovely Gatsby portraits. Gatsby seems destined, at the very least, for production design and costume nominations.

2 years ago

The Great Gatsby pushed to Summer, 2013

Speculation throughout Twitter about why Warner Bros. has decided to move Gatsby to Summer, 2013. The season is too crowded, they don’t want to compete against themselves, they need... (Read More)