San Francisco Goes for The Master

More love for the PTA MASTERpiece: Best Picture - The Master Best Director - Kathryn Bigelow, Zero Dark Thirty Best Foreign Film - Amour Best Actor - Joaquin Phoenix, The Master. Best Actress - Emmanuelle Riva, Amour. Best Supporting Actor - Tommy Lee Jones, Lincoln. Best...
Posted On 16 Dec 2012

The State of the Race: Defining an Oscar Frontrunner

“I call to you, I call to you but I don’t call soft enough. There ain’t no cure for love.” – L. Cohen The Oscar race, like an urgent search for “true love,” is rarely about finding Ms. Right, so much as it is about finding Ms. Right Now. Sometimes you get lucky...
Posted On 20 Nov 2012

Ensemble Casts on the Path to Best Picture

Will actors eventually be selected out of their central role in movies, increasing replaced by animation,  performance capture, and other evolving forms of digital characters?  That irrational fear has been drifting in and out of Oscar conversations for years. Just as the...
Posted On 12 Nov 2012

Joaquin Phoenix Wants no Part of Oscar but Oscar Still Wants a Part of Him

There is a long tradition of the Oscar voters voting for actors even when those actors have poo-poo’d the awards. Why? Because there probably isn’t a single person in the Kodak, either in the audience or on stage who doesn’t think the same thing.  The only...
Posted On 18 Oct 2012

The Master Review: A Child Said, What is the Grass?

You may be a state trooper, you might be a young Turk You may be the head of some big TV network You may be rich or poor, you may be blind or lame You may be living in another country under another name But you’re gonna have to serve somebody –Bob Dylan There is a moment in...
Posted On 14 Sep 2012

The Master to Become Highest Reviewed Film of the Year

It must be stipulated that other films may rank slightly higher but they aren’t movies that will be in the Best Picture race. The Master is that movie to finally stir critics, or so it seems right now, in the way no film has since Fincher’s The Social Network. After...
Posted On 11 Sep 2012

Clip from The Master – NSFW

I have a feeling I’m gonna dig this one, even more than the last one.  Here is a clip promoting the screening in Austin: Thanks to @guscruz And another one:
Posted On 07 Sep 2012

The Master Earning Raves out of Venice

The Guardian’s Xan Brooks: Paul Thomas Anderson’s epic tale of postwar America offers catnip for the senses and succour for the soul, riffing lightly off the life of Scientology founder L Ron Hubbard to conjure up a film that is both expansive and intimate, confident...
Posted On 03 Sep 2012

Teaser for The Master’s Sneak Screening in San Francisco August 21

From Movie City News – this shot isn’t in the film but seems to have echos of Vertigo:
Posted On 20 Aug 2012