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The Social Network

They Can't Take That Away from Me

Ebert posted this video on Twitter. An Idiot with an Iphone made it with his iphone, proving “what one man can do another can do.” But what I love about it is that is pays homage to two of 2010’s best films, The Social Network and Inception. This is the ...

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Editorial: Why Mark Zuckerberg Was Always Destined To Get No Further Than The Oscar Bike Room.


[notice]This editorial was written by a British 15 year-old named Michael Dalton living in Switzerland. [/notice] When The Social Network won every critic award in sight many, including me believed that this love would continue right up to the Oscars. The Social Network was the “Zeitgeist” film, it supposedly captured ...

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The State of the Race: Hand Covers Bruise


In each of the five films nominated for Best Director by the Directors Guild yesterday, overcoming an obstacle to become a winner drives the main characters. Micky needs to rid himself of his brother’s shadow and his own lack of self worth, Nina needs to rid herself of her repressed, ...

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