They Can't Take That Away from Me

Ebert posted this video on Twitter. An Idiot with an Iphone made it with his iphone, proving “what one man can do another can do.” But what I love about it is that is pays homage to two of 2010′s best films, The Social Network and Inception. This is the second...
Posted On 26 Feb 2011

Césars award The Social Network & The Ghost Writer

At the 36th annual C√©sar Awards, Of Gods and Men took 3 prizes, including Best Film and The Ghost Writer won 4 prizes, including Best Director for Roman Polanski. The Social Network won Best Foreign Language Film. FILM: “Of Gods and Men,” Xavier Beauvois DIRECTOR:...
Posted On 25 Feb 2011

Editorial: Why Mark Zuckerberg Was Always Destined To Get No Further Than The Oscar Bike Room.

[notice]This editorial was written by a British 15 year-old named Michael Dalton living in Switzerland. [/notice] When The Social Network won every critic award in sight many, including me believed that this love would continue right up to the Oscars. The Social Network was ...
Posted On 25 Feb 2011

The Guardian Calls it for the Social Network

It isn’t that the Eddie’s win last night makes it suddenly apparent that The Social Network will win – there is precedent for both films taking Best Picture. Films have won the three major guilds, lost the Eddie but still won Best Picture (American Beauty is...
Posted On 20 Feb 2011

A Prophet Tops ICS Awards, Social Network Wins Three

Jacques Audiard’s darkly gorgeous prison drama A Prophet has broken loose from the pack, winning the International Cinephile Society’s award for best picture of 2010. The French, Corsican and Arabic feature also received kudos for best film not in the English...
Posted On 18 Feb 2011

Google Trending Predicts The Social Network for the Win

I’ve been at this so long I remember when the Wall Street Journal used to do a poll to predict who would win — I think they turned out to be kind of right but not 100%. ¬†The reason the race is so hard to predict is because it’s won not on quality usually but on...
Posted On 18 Feb 2011

Slight Clarification on the Irrelevance of Critics

In his latest always entertaining Oscar column, Movieline’s Stu Van Airsdale takes me to task on my suggestion that this year’s Oscar race will render the critics irrelevant in a way we’ve not yet seen. ¬†Like, not ever. ¬†Usually even films like Crash,...
Posted On 09 Feb 2011

A Little Stat-o-Rama to go with your Morning Coffee

With the Oscar race now almost entirely put to bed, we await two competing stats working against each other to determine the outcome of this year’s race for Oscar: Since 1975 (when the LA Film Critics formed), three films have won the NBR, the Los Angeles and New York Film...
Posted On 09 Feb 2011

Caption This!

We’ve never done a caption this before. But let’s do it. 19 days until the Oscars.
Posted On 07 Feb 2011

Only Causes Worth Fighting For

Yeah, stick a fork in Oscar race 2010.  The Weinsteins win this round. But we have to entertain ourselves in the coming weeks Рif, for no other reason, we still have at least three weeks before the Oscars finally roll themselves out, choose their winner.  By then,...
Posted On 05 Feb 2011