5 original songs for 12 Years a Slave composed by Nicholas Britell

The achievements of a movie as monumental as 12 Years a Slave will take us years to fully appreciate. Over the next few weeks and months we’ll do our best to highlight the most stunning parts of its artistry. We’ll need to go deep to do it justice. I saw it for the...
Posted On 08 Nov 2013

Best Song and Score – Is the Academy Not Cool Enough for Reznor and Ross?

There are a few songs to keep in mind for this year, although this is a very bizarre category, along with Doc Feature and Foreign Film that is almost impossible to guess correctly. Their picks are usually kind of wacky – like snubbing Bruce Springsteen for The Wrestler...
Posted On 22 Oct 2010

A clue to Inception’s music cues?

A tip from Andrew leads us to this musical equation finding the common denominator between Inception’s two most familiar crescendos. Dude, whoa. Just, like, whoa.
Posted On 26 Jul 2010

Inception: AD reader reactions

For those who’ve already seen Inception in early screenings, please float by to share your feelings. We don’t often devote a topic to an exclusive open forum, but maybe a movie as thought-provoking as Inception could use a meeting place where readers can congregate...
Posted On 15 Jul 2010

NYT, LAT & WaPo weigh in with final round of Inception reviews

Inception’s critical scorecard gets a boost from the last wave of reviews. Count The LA Times‘ Kenneth Turan in tight with the ‘blown away’ team: Welcome to the world of “Inception,” written and directed by the masterful Christopher Nolan, a...
Posted On 15 Jul 2010