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Lincoln Blu-ray detailed

lincoln blue

DreamWorks Pictures has officially detailed the Blu-ray releases of director Steven Speilberg’s Lincoln, starring Academy Award-winning Best Actor Daniel Day Lewis and Oscar-nominated actors Sally Field and Tommy Lee Jones. Lincoln is distributed by Walt Disney Home Entertainment and streets on March 26th.  (via Blu-ray.com) Lincoln features a DTS-HD Master ...

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The Avengers, alternate opening scene

To whet our appetites for the DVD/Blu-ray editions of The Avengers coming September 25, Disney and Marvel have given us a taste of the special features by releasing a deleted scene that would’ve have served as alternate prologue.

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Over 35 minutes of deleted scenes for Prometheus Blu-ray

Titles for more than 35 minutes of deleted scenes that will appear on the Prometheus Blu-ray have been discovered at the BBFC via BleedingCool: 00:02:31:16 (ARRIVAL OF THE ENGINEERS) (DELETED SCENE) 00:00:58:05 (T’IS THE SEASON) (DELETED SCENE) 00:00:42:08 (OUR FIRST ALIEN) (DELETED SCENE) 00:00:42:14 (SKIN) (DELETED SCENE) 00:01:22:01 (WE’RE NOT ...

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Blu horizon: Rosemary’s Baby & The Duallists

Two new Blu-rays coming in a few months are of special interest to auteur-oriented viewers looking to fill gaps in the collections of two of our greatest living directors. Criterion’s edition of Roman Polanski’s 1968 parenting nightmare Rosemary’s Baby will be released on Oct 30 (details after the cut), and ...

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The Tree of Life on DVD/Blu-ray, Oct 11

DVD/Blu-ray combo pack is the only option. (No standalone edition for either format). No details about special features yet, except for a 30 minute making-of documentary, Exploring the Tree of Life, to focus mainly on Malick.

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Citizen Kane Blu-ray & Magnificent Ambersons DVD

No official release date yet, but Amazon.com has a pre-order page and publicity material for the 70th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray restoration of Citizen Kane, with a new DVD remaster of The Magnificent Ambersons set to be released simultaneously. Ambersons is currently OOP in the US and the UK edition is ...

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Tree of Life coming to Blu-ray July 15 in France? No.

I think not. Though Brad Brevett at RoS finds this rather baffling news on Blu-ray.com: Blu-ray MoviesFrench distributors EuropaCorp have announced that they will release on Blu-ray acclaimed director Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life (2011), starring Brad Pitt (Twelve Monkeys, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button), Sean Penn (Dead ...

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BAFTA tribute to Ken Adam & Kubrick Blu-ray box set

(View XXL) A few weeks ago Warner Brothers announced a May 31 release date for the Stanley Kubrick Limited Edition Collection on Blu-ray. The set will include all the Kubrick films previously released on Blu-ray and adds 3 more jewels in the crown, MIA until now. Lolita and Barry Lyndon ...

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Lord of the Rings trilogy, Extended Editon Blu-ray

Blu-ray.com says at least one online retailer is listing the Extended Edition of The Lord of the Rings trilogy for sale on June 28th. There will apparently be 15 discs in the box-set, most of the special features ported over from all the previous editions on SD discs — including ...

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Taxi Driver 35th Anniversary DVD & Blu-ray

Nominated for 4 Oscars — Robert De Niro, Best Actor; Jodie Foster, Best Supporting Actress; Bernard Herrmann, Best Original Score; and Best Picture — Taxi Driver of course won nothing the year Rocky was the movie you feel. A rare disconnect when Best Director and Best Picture nominations only matched ...

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Mindbending & harrowing Blu-rays of the day

blu-ray 12-7

Among today’s new releases on Blu-ray and DVD are three mindbenders from masters Christopher Nolan, Guillermo del Toro and David Cronenberg. Inception, Cronos and Videodrome are especially noteworthy additions in high-def because of the cinematography of Wally Pfister (The Dark Knight), Guillermo Navarro (Pan’s Labyrinth), and Mark Irwin (The Fly). ...

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All About Eve gets Blu-ray makeover

all about eve sm

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment has announced that it will bring the 1950 classic All About Eve to Blu-ray on February 1, 2011. Nominated for 14 Oscars and winner of 6, including Best Picture and Best Director for Joseph L. Mankiewicz. Next year is big on Blu for the Mankiewicz ...

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Inception Blu-ray detailed


No solid release date yet, but hard to imagine Warner Bros won’t want to have the Inception DVD and blu-ray available in time for Christmas — and in time for Academy members who want to upgrade from their bare-bones screeners. (The Dark Knight theatrical release, July 18, ’08; DVD release ...

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Insomnia Incentive: Inception Movie Money

Sleepless nights lying awake waiting to experience Christopher Nolan’s dreamworld? Here’s a special offer to help some of us (US residents) see Inception at a reduced price. On July 13th Warners releases the new Blu-ray transfer of Nolan’s icy 2002 thriller Insomnia, and just as NolanFans reported in March, it ...

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