Daily News
3 years ago

$37 mil weekend for Super 8

Super 8 ticked up above most estimates to earn $37 million its opening weekend. Deadline notes that District 9 pulled in a nearly identical sum of 37.3 mil in... (Read More)

BP BO sm
4 years ago

Best Picture Box-Office Update

Adding up the weekend box-office estimates for the top Best Picture contenders, we find True Grit vaulting into 3rd place with a long trail ahead yet to ride. (Run,... (Read More)

california gold piece
4 years ago

True Grit gallops toward $100 mil

Friday’s box-office numbers for True Grit tipped it into the #1 spot, and Deadline says the final tally for New Year’s Weekend has the Coen brothers’ biggest opener nearly... (Read More)