Late Summer Heat Wave

Heat Index, August 3rd, 2010: Little Rock: 112° F Memphis: 118° F Inception: $201.7 M (in 19 days)
Posted On 04 Aug 2010

Inception racks up 2nd week at #1 with $43.5 million

Inception barely fell 30% from its premiere weekend,* adding nearly $44 million for an estimated domestic total of $144 mil in just 10 days. Angelina Jolie followed close behind with an estimated $36.5 million for Salt. Next week the only remotely conceivable threat to a...
Posted On 25 Jul 2010

Inception opens with $60.4 million weekend

Bringing out the big guns. Ur doin’ it right. According to Deadline‘s early sources. Those numbers should be strong enough to make it the 5th highest opening of 2010. The 3rd highest non-3D opening (right behind Twilight Eclipse at $64 mil). And — as long as...
Posted On 17 Jul 2010

2010 mid-year movie rankings

Ziyad Abul Hawa has built us a beautiful chart to display key stats at-a-glance for the year’s most acclaimed movies at the half-way point. Longer list encompassing the top 35 films after the cut.
Posted On 05 Jul 2010

ooooh, Paranormal 2 trailer too spooky for viewers

When the trailer for Paranormal 2 appeared a few days ago, I passed on posting it because (a) it’s not really the sort of movie we follow, (b) it’s not really interesting to me personally, and (c) it’s not really anything. Never occurred to me that avoiding the...
Posted On 01 Jul 2010

EW: Eclipse is “The Best Twilight Movie So Far”

Click for the full-size cover to verify. (from Just Jared) Inside Robert Pattinson denies any subtext: “I think people make up all these Mormon references just so they can publish Twilight articles in respectable publications like the New York Times. Even Stephenie [Meyer,...
Posted On 25 Jun 2010

Toy Story 3 hauls in $109 mil, $153 mil worldwide

It was only ever a question of how far north of $100 mil Toy Story 3 would score, and now we have the official [unadjusted] number. $41 mil opening day (the 8th highest Friday gross in history), $109 mil for the weekend + another $45 mil overseas for a 3-day worldwide total of...
Posted On 20 Jun 2010