Sure, it might not be as good as past Pixar fare and sure, it follows a more traditional narrative structure and yes, it just didn’t meet critical expectations BUT don’t -and I repeat- DON’T discount Pixar’s “Brave” as nothing but filler in the same category as “Cars 2” or “A Bug’s Life”. The film is too good to be shunned off and relegated to that low-leveled category. Let me explain why. Expectations can really kill the way you view a film. Before “Brave” even came out, the thought of another Pixar film coming to theatres gave critics and movie buffs a reason to smile in what would likely be another dull summer loaded with movie escapism and not too much food for thought. I mean, this is the same company that gave us some of the great animated films of the last decade and single handily brought us into -my opinion of course- the golden age of animation. Just look at the treasure trove of brilliant films this company has released since 1999;  “Wall-E,” Toy Story 2″, “Monsters Inc.”, “Finding Nemo”, “The Incredibles”, “Ratatouille”, “Up” and “Toy Story 3”. An impressive list that is practically impossible to match by anyone else, safe maybe Hayao Miyazaki’s brilliant filmography of the past three decades or Disney’s brilliant run of films from 1989-1994.

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Movieline’s funny tweet about that: “Let’s take a first look at Pixar’s Brave and pretend that it’s coming out this summer instead of Cars 2.”

Entertainment Weekly has posted three new images from Pixar’s Brave, scheduled for release in 2012. ¬†Indeed, we have to sort of wait out the whole Cars 2 thing before getting to Brave. ¬†But I also liked the comments over at EW that ruminate on Brave. ¬†First Cygnus says:

Although it’ll make $200mil, I think it’ll be Pixar’s first dud. Just the fact that they’re losing stars and directors, means that this was a foundering project. Pixar films have stood up not because of the computer technology, but because of the humanistic stories. The story is going to have to save this one.

But Cygnus is quickly confronted by Ecuamerican:

None of those things directly correlate to Pixar creating a dud. “Ratatouille” let go of the original writer and it easily became one of my favorite Pixar movies (and critically hailed as probably the best movie of that year). Reese Witherspoon is perceived to be a diva and I personally don’t like her, so I’m glad she dropped out (or pushed out, as I happily imagine). Changes to creative teams are natural in Hollywood and no one knows best how to execute it better than Pixar.

Either way, hard to disagree with Movieline about it not quite being time to get excited about Brave yet. ¬†Perhaps all of this Brave press is to counter Pixar’s last two movies being sequels. ¬†More pics over at EW.

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