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“You fellas thanked God, right?”
“It was a Warner Bros film, not a Weinstein Co.”
“No, I mean GOD!”

Some of these are a little WTF. But you know in Hollywood you have to show up. You have to truss up and be seen or you won’t get work so many of them are just there to be there. That’s the one side of Hollywood that when I think on it too hard it gives me a stomach ache. More after the cut. Thanks to ONTD.

2013 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Graydon Carter - Inside


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James Marsden and Alexander Skarsgard in Straw Dogs in a scene from Rod Lurie’s compelling remake of the Peckinpah film.

We haven’t done this for a while. (Actual caption: Kevin James co-stars in Zookeepers with several of God’s creatures who had no choice.)

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The brand new Arthur poster as posted on JustJared

“Where did my real body go? ¬†Last time I checked I was built like a brick shithouse!” – Helen Mirren

Nolan Antlers

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