Scarlett Johansson, Eva Longoria & Kerry Washington want to talk to women about Mitt Romney. I’m happy to help.

(In the interest of fairness, Lindsay Lohan also wants to talk to you about Romney: ”I just think employment is really important right now. So, as of now, Mitt Romney.” See, because all Lohan’s employment problems are President Obama’s fault. If someone wants to find the Lohan clip, we’ll link it. Happy to help.)

But wait. It gets better. Rosie Perez shares her feelings about Romney after the cut.

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BuzzFeed rallied dozens of Ryan Gosling fans today to protest in front of People Magazine headquarters for picking Bradley Cooper as the sexiest man alive.

(Stephen Colbert recalls that Nick Nolte was People Magazine’s 1992 Sexiest Man Alive. A sobering reminder.)

Scenes from the protest after the cut.

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Say what you will about celebrities in the news for their involvement with worthy causes but anyone who casts aspersions at the work Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are doing in New Orleans should see a doctor to find out if their toxic cynicism is treatable with medication. Round of applause for future Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award winner, Brad Pitt.

George Clooney curries favor among us because, among other things, he seems to have things in perspective, as is illustrated in this excerpt from People (UK), via ONTD:

But he hates the way some big names take themselves seriously. “The problem with famous people is that they actually start to think of themselves in a special way,” he says. “They think, ‘I am famous, because I earned it’. That’s not true. It happens on a flip of a coin.

“I became famous because of the TV show, ER. It had a Thursday night 10pm time slot in America and became a massive hit.

While that’s true, looking like a million bucks doesn’t hurt. You really need it all to be George. You need to be seriously good looking, have lots of charm and charisma and then be in the right place at the right time.

Jack Nicholson may be one of the few high profile celebrities supporting Hillary Clinton.  Does it make Hillary more sexy? Does sexy mean anything anyway?


But can it really compete with vids like this?


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