Contest Winners!

For the first time ever, we have ten winners in our Oscar contest. I have to say that these are probably collectively the highest scores in this contest in 15 years. It probably has to do with Gravity dominating many of the usually harder to guess awards. These readers missed...
Posted On 03 Mar 2014

Predict the BAFTAs

Our contest is up and running. Preview coming later in the week.
Posted On 02 Feb 2014

Contest Winners

The winner of our Oscar contest, with 77, is: Gautam Anand Runners-up, with 75: Andrew Dean Shane Nier Daniela Y Rob Browne Tom M For the Golden Globes, the winners are Jeremy Smith Nabeel Laher Giuseppe Samela Runners-Up with 10: Ina Hark Dean Caivano Globes TV winners: Jeff...
Posted On 16 Jan 2014

Predict the Golden Globe Awards

It’s that time of year again. Please check out Gold Derby to see what the experts are predicting, but you too can take a stab at it. There will be prizes!
Posted On 28 Dec 2013

Contest! Predict the 2013 SAG Awards

The SAG awards will be held SATURDAY, JANUARY 18 8ET/5PT. See if you can predict them accurately. There will be prizes.
Posted On 21 Dec 2013