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6 months ago

Contest Winners!

For the first time ever, we have ten winners in our Oscar contest. I have to say that these are probably collectively the highest scores in this contest in... (Read More)

7 months ago

Predict the BAFTAs

Our contest is up and running. Preview coming later in the week.

8 months ago

Contest Winners

The winner of our Oscar contest, with 77, is: Gautam Anand Runners-up, with 75: Andrew Dean Shane Nier Daniela Y Rob Browne Tom M For the Golden Globes, the... (Read More)

9 months ago

Contest Winners!

First up, No Guts, No Glory – the only significant prediction was Robert Redford missing out on a nod, so the winners for that contest are: Mike (miguelcmateo) Rob... (Read More)

9 months ago

Contest Winners! (CORRECTED)

There wasn’t anyone who predicted American Hustle to win Best Picture at the New York Film Critics. So they really did pull a coup to the awards community. Here... (Read More)

2 years ago

Grand Prize Contest Winner

We have a winner for our Oscar contest and recipient of all nine DVD titles. Congratulations to Gianna Grabowski for correctly predicting 23 out of 24 categories, missing only... (Read More)