SAG, DGA Contest Winners

First, huzzahs to the winners. I think for the first time ever I myself got a perfect score of the SAG, DGA and tie-breakers, that would be a score of 8 out of 8. Here are the winners of our contest who correctly predicted all 8 as well: Rogelio Tec, USA G (gg_galaxy2002), USA...
Posted On 01 Feb 2011

Predict Oscar’s Ten Best Picture Nominees

We’re not doing a full fledged Oscar nomination prediction contest but we are doing just the ten Best Picture nominees. We figure there is a pretty good chance you can get all ten so we had to throw in a tie-breaker question of what film will get the most nominations. And...
Posted On 24 Jan 2011

Contest and Giveaway Winners

We have a winner for our Golden Globes contest, with 14 right, which means Daniele Giovannoli from Italy got a perfect score. She wins a $50 Amazon gift card. Please send an email to for prize info! And the winner of the Haiku Giveaway Inception DVD is:...
Posted On 18 Jan 2011

Awards Daily’s 11th Annual Predict the Golden Globes Contest

The time has come, Oscar watchers. This upcoming weekend is the Golden Globes – it’s time to predict the winners! There will be prizes TBA. In the meantime, Gold Derby has assembled the largest group of pundits on the web and produced Golden Globe predictions —...
Posted On 11 Jan 2011

PGA Contest Winners

This had to be one of the easiest Producers Guild races to call – we had a high number of perfect scorers. Find out who they were after the cut.
Posted On 07 Jan 2011

Predict the Producers Guild!

Okay, Oscar watchers. We aren’t going to run a WGA contest, but we will run a Producers Guild top ten predictions contest. Do your worst! Remember, if you choose to use the alternates to write in films you don’t see on the list, leave two slots blank in the pull-down...
Posted On 30 Dec 2010

Your favorite film or movie moment of 2010

“What 2010 movies do film insiders love best?” That’s the premise of a year-end reflection at, and I’d like to pose the same open question to our own distinguished insiders — the worldwide readership of Awards Daily. Here’s a chance...
Posted On 30 Dec 2010

Prize Winners for the New York and LA Film Critics

Sorry this took so long, peeps. But we’re preparing for our Producers Guild Predict the Ten contest (coming some time today) and wanted to clear out the backlogs. And so, congratulations to our winner: Megan McLachlan, who got an astonishing score of 9 correct answers out...
Posted On 30 Dec 2010

Haiku Giveaway Winner: cineJAB

Rigorous wordplay Turns adversity to verse; Squabbles sound sweeter. My favorite thing about haiku contests is how they ask that we carefully consider our wording so all the clashing opinions find the same rhythm in a harmonious chorus. I was supposed to choose a few of the best...
Posted On 30 Dec 2010

New York, Los Angeles Predictions and Contest

If you think you are ready to do your worst, you may enter our contest to predict the New York and Los Angeles Film Critics — ENTER NOW! Meanwhile, we have a few conditions of our own….Here are our predictions, such as they are. Remember, a grain of salt. Simply...
Posted On 12 Dec 2010