National Board of Review Contest Winners

The high scorers, getting 14 right: Anessa Barbosa USA Jeremy Brown USA Andrew Rosenthal United States of America Olivier D’Amour Canada Billy (wegoldberg) USA More winners after the cut.
Posted On 03 Dec 2010

National Board of Review Preview And Contest

Enter Now The first awards group out of the gate is almost always the National Board of Review. Because of this, their choices can sometimes reflect the earlier phase of the Oscar race. We only really have last year’s ten Best Picture choices to the NBoR to see how closely...
Posted On 27 Nov 2010

Predict the National Board of Review

It’s all happening! The awards season is finally off. Next week, the National Board of Review will announce their winners and the films that they name will have an automatic head start. Does that mean they’ll be a close match with Oscar? Probably not. With five Best...
Posted On 24 Nov 2009

Predict the National Board of Review

We’re trying something new here at Awards Daily that we’ve never done. We’re starting the contests early and you can have bragging rights for knowing best how the NBR will go. They announce on Thursday, so enter now . I’ve added the animated feature...

Caption This – Win a Bike and an Atonement DVD

Who but Awards Daily readers could do this better? Cinematical is asking for captions (looks like a Moviefone advertising tie-in) to this photo: I’d like to win this bike. Is that the His or the Hers? Maybe this is the Hers.

5 Questions With Our Contest Winner, Brandon Jones

Ever wonder how someone gets a 20 out of 24 score on Oscar predictions? We here at Awards Daily do. This year’s winner, Brandon Jones, tells us the secrets of his success: AwardsDaily: What made you choose both Cotillard and Swinton? BJ: Swinton, I think, gave one of the...

Contest Winners

Adam Bernstein Alice Villalobos Brandon Weinbrenner Brian Erickson Clint Tsao Gene Springs gerald granozio Congratulations to AD reader Brandon Jones for correctly predicting 20 categories at this year’s Oscars. This makes him our grand prize winner. Runners up, with a...