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Another Alternative Top 10

Marshall Fine makes a list of the year‚Äôs “10-best unseen or unacknowledged films ‚Äì think of it as the downer-dozen-minus-two.” Movies he considers either under-appreciated, under-attended or both. Greenberg Somewhere The American Biutiful Winter’s Bone Blue Valentine Another Year Mother A Prophet Tiny Furniture Fine reminds us that this “is ...

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AP critics Lemire & Germain, 10 Best Films x2

(Thanks Marshall). The top 10 films of 2010, according to AP movie critic Christy Lemire: 1. “The Social Network” ‚Äî The movie of the year because it captures where we are in time in captivating fashion. In depicting the origin of Facebook, director David Fincher and writer Aaron Sorkin have ...

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Todd McCarthy trades up to The Hollywood Reporter

Most important resurrection for film-lovers since lost footage of Metropolis was found in an Argentinian vault. Reuters reports the happy news that veteran film critic Todd McCarthy is returning to the printed page. Unceremoniously dismissed by Variety 7 months ago in a misguided cost-cutting purge, McCarthy’s incisive writing will soon ...

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The Town (not) Called Malice

The Town 2

Imagine there’s no haters It isn’t hard to do… Imagine all the people Living life in peace Stop dreaming. But this week critics came closer to that mellow state of mind than we’ve seen since forever. When reviews for The Town started coming on strong a few days ago, planting ...

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Top 10 Most Influential Film Critics?

I’ll go ahead and assemble the names we’ve collected into a poll ballot, just for the curiosity element and sheer time-killing fun of it. (which, obviously, were the only real reasons for me raising the question to begin with. My own idle thumb-twiddling curiosity.) Sasha’s reply to this headline question ...

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