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2010 Gotham Independent Film Award Nominations

winters bone gotham

Debra Granik‚Äôs Winters Bone Receives Three Nominations: Best Feature, Breakthrough Actor (Jennifer Lawrence) & Best Ensemble Performance The Kids Are All Right and Tiny Furniture both receive two nominations Best Feature: Black Swan Blue Valentine The Kids Are All Right Let Me In (!) Winter’s Bone Best Documentary: 12th & ...

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Robert Duvall in Get Low

It takes a truly talented actor to make us forget about the cliches and sappiness of a screenplay. Robert Duvall does just that in Aaron Schneider's 'Get Low'. The film has enough church-ism preaching to get any moviegoer crazy but its heart lies in Duvall's uncanny ability to believe in the character he's playing & create an honest, touching performance out of his sketch. Do not discount him when it comes to the Best Actor Race, he's right up there.

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How to Train Your Dragon, Toy Story 3 and 3D

It's everywhere. It seems as if every film coming out these days is available with 3d glassses. This of course has a lot to do with money. Ever since that groundbreaker Avatar came out & stormed the Box Office, the studios wanted to take advantage of the 3d medium by releasing every mediocre effort with glasses. When conceived, most of these movies were not meant for 3d viewing, compared to James Cameron's Avatar which was born and bred as a 3d experience.

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Winter's Bone And Oscar

Debra Granik's second feature film, Winter's Bone, is the kind of movie that gets progressively better & better as you delve deeper and deeper into it. It is filled with humane, real characterizations of a society that is rooted in evil and people that have lost all hope in life and succumbed to shadiness & drug dealing. There are memorable scenes that linger (the gutting of a squirrel, the taking of a girl, a final -ambiguous- mumbling sentence) & a sense of dread that will turn the most primitive of moviegoers off. It is through and through a product of Independent film and we should be very appreciative of its existence.

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