Hamptons Film Festival

by Brian Whisenant for Awards Daily

I stumbled upon a picture the other day from 2 years ago around this time. It was my second year at The Hamptons Film Festival where I was, for the first time, attempting to cover the event for Awards Daily and simultaneously run their box office. I was sitting on a couch in what I like to call the “cast housing” in front of my macbook pro with a liter of red wine and a blank stare. Before the festival had even begun I had seen “The Social Network” at the opening of the New York Film Festival and at Hamptons had just seen “Up in the Air,” “Blue Valentine,” “127 Hours” and “The King’s Speech.” Although I had managed a decent review of “The Social Network” for this very website, seeing these incredible films in such a small amount of time had given me writer’s block. Random thoughts about all of the films were bouncing around in my head, but I couldn’t seem to organize them in a way to express what I was experiencing. And then I saw “Black Swan” the next day and my head exploded. Eventually, once I started to have fun and really appreciate the wonderful films I was seeing, I was able to write about them.

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Deadline is reporting that The King’s Speech won the Audience Award at the Hampton’s Film Fest.

Mamas and Papas won the Jury Award.

Like in Toronto, The King’s Speech beat films like 127 Hours and Black Swan.


You might wonder why so many high profile peeps are attending the Hamptons Film fest – it doesn’t really take a genius, does it? It’s the same reason they all turn out for the Santa Barbara Film Fest — a lot of Academy voters live there. Jeff Wells went to the Hamptons and took some nice photos.

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