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12 months ago

Telluride Review: Salinger

Who hasn’t been captivated at one time or another by J.D. Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye, one of the greatest American novels ever written. Probably we shouldn’t need to... (Read More)

12 months ago

Off to Telluride: And So it Begins

This afternoon I will drive from Los Angeles to Telluride making a few stops along the way. Telluride film festival is set to announce their lineup on Wednesday, the... (Read More)

tell feature 3
2 years ago

Telluride Film Festival Day 3

The rain continued its moody descent upon Telluride village, ebbing and flowing at its own discretion. The festival can’t stop for the rain, nor can we whine about having... (Read More)

tell 2-7
2 years ago

Telluride Film Festival Day Two

Time slips away faster than you think, especially when all you want to do is sleep and watch the sky change. A 9am screening means getting up and out... (Read More)

2 years ago

Telluride Film Festival Day One

When you commit to the Telluride Film Festival you do so not knowing what films will play here. That’s sort of like marrying someone without sleeping with them first.... (Read More)

2 years ago

Telluride 2012 trailer: The Act of Killing

Some trailers don’t need accompanying synopsis or explanation. This isn’t one of those. Joshua Oppenheimer’s documentary about Indonesian Death Squads will screen in Toronto as well, and the TIFF... (Read More)