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Telluride Diary Day One – Alive at Night


Because my travel arrangements last year had me driving ten hours from Denver to Telluride I’d decided this summer I would simply make the drive directly from Los Angeles. There wasn’t anything remarkable about the trip except that I listened to two books — Dan Savage’s latest, and The Devil ...

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Telluride Film Festival Day One

When you commit to the Telluride Film Festival you do so not knowing what films will play here. That’s sort of like marrying someone without sleeping with them first. You commit and that is all. This is my second year covering the fest, and the thing that pulls me back ...

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Telluride Diary – Day 3

The last days of Telluride were about seeing movies but they were also about connecting with people.  Some of them were movie stars.  Some of them were film critics, some were publicists, and some film bloggers. On one morning I had the occasion to meet and talk to the great ...

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Shame is the Shadow of Love

I don’t need no lasso I don’t need no ball and chain I don’t need anything with you Such a shame, shame, shame Shame, shame, shame Shame is the shadow of love –PJ Harvey Steve McQueen’s unflinching look at sexual addiction and what drives it is the subject of this ...

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Telluride Diary Day 2 – Into the Mountains

“A phrase began to beat in my ears with a sort of heady excitement: ‘There are only the pursued, the pursuing, the busy, and the tired.'” – F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby, Ch. 4 It was hard not to think of Fitzgerald’s Gatsby as we made our way in the ...

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